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We Tested Some Of The Best-Selling Cannabis Gear To See If They're Worth The Hype

We Tested Some Of The Best-Selling Cannabis Gear To See If They're Worth The Hype

By Javier Hasse and Natan Ponieman

Consumers today have access to a virtually unlimited number of options when trying to pick how to consume their cannabis, and what device to do it with.

With hundreds of products to choose from, buyers — and investors — can get overwhelmed. We decided to test drive some of the most talked-about cannabis gear to check out what the buzz is all about.

Pax 3

Price: $250 complete kit / $200 device only.

Pax 3 is a powerful little vaping device that's built with a dual chamber for both dry flower and concentrates. While one can’t expect a gadget this size (less than 4 inches tall) to deliver the same results as a table-top vaporizing unit, it will provide a consistent and practical experience in a slick-looking, modern design.

The device can be associated via bluetooth to an app that allows for a more personalized experience.

Natan: This device is often described as the “Apple of Vapes," and I couldn’t agree more. It’s beautiful, easy to use, well-constructed, and very expensive. A luxury item, best suited for those who take their on-the-go vaping very seriously or users who truly enjoy a top-shelf consumer experience. If all you’re looking for is a funcional, portable vape, you’ll find suitable options for a third of the price.

Javier: Not being a fan or dry herb vaporizers, only a select few satisfy my cannabis cravings. Among them is the celebrated PAX 3, a discrete, fancy-looking device for the real "cannaseur." 

Pyptek Pocket Pipe

Price: $85.

The main technology behind this device was invented in Egypt about 4000 years ago. That is to say, this is a pipe: no battery, no bluetooth, no user manual.

The Pyptek Pocket’s groundbreaking technology, however, is its design intelligence. The pipe is a lightweight, solid and resistant premium product. It can be taken apart entirely to be cleaned and put back together within a few minutes.

Natan: As pipes go, this is as good as it gets. A proper size, portable, strong smoking item that is perfect for those who enjoy inhaling cannabis smoke. It looks perfectly resistant and will probably last for a decade taken care of properly. While a little expensive for “just a pipe”, users will benefit in the long run: You’re more likely to misplace it than to break it.

Javier: No other pipe I’ve ever used has the pull of the Pyptek. The Pyptek line has been my personal go-to for years. The combination of metal on the outside and glass on the inside makes it one of the pipes with the best feels in the market.

Genius Pipe Classic

Price: $89.95.

The Genius is a pipe with a very unusual design. Based on simplicity, this pipe features only three parts that slide together to offer a premium smoking experience.

A slider on the top reveals or hides the herbs. The smoke goes through a dimpled surface that, according to the brand, cools down the smoke without the need for water. The bottom can be easily removed for cleaning.

Additional accessories allow smokers to use the pipe as a dab rig.

Natan: At first, this pipe looked too nice to be used. Something felt intuitively wrong about bringing a flame so close to such a beautiful, premium-looking object. But after a while, the Genius has become my go-to gadget for smoking. I love the simplicity of the design, the way it feels in my hands and how easy it is to clean. I didn’t feel the smoke coming out colder than normal pipe smoke, but then again, I’m a journalist, not a thermometer.

Javier: This fun pipe provides travelers with an inconspicuous way to bring cannabis gear with them and not raise any red flags at the airport. Portable, detachable, and slick, this is among the best pipes I’ve tried.


Price: $169.

Hydrology9 is Cloudious9’s flagship product. It's a portable dry herb vaporizer that uses water to filter the smoke, combining the best features of a bong and a vape.

Over 6 inches tall and very robust, the Hydrology9 sits on the larger side of portable vaporizers. However, its unique design makes one forget its size to give in to the experience.

In addition to water filtration, this device features a decorative LED light show that lights up when in use and an integrated stirring tool.

Javier: This device is a little bit hard to understand at first and certainly not travel friendly — does anyone else see a bomb? However, once you understand how to use it, it provides an interesting, satisfying, and unique smoking experience. It’s like an electric bong times four.


Price: $249.99 


The Levo II is an infusion device that automates the traditional method of oil infusion to provide the user with easily-made cannabis oil or butter. It can also be used to extract flavor, scent, color, and nutrients from a wide variety of herbs and botanicals apart from cannabis.

About the size of a blender, this tech-looking kitchen appliance is the cannabis chef’s dream.

It features multiple infusion settings and wi-fi connectivity to allow control from a phone app.

Javier: I rarely like when cannabis products are compared to mainstream products, but I feel there’s no better way to describe this machine than as the “Nespresso of cannabis.”

This device makes it super easy to infuse cannabis and other herbs into oils and fats, while allowing you to keep your kitchen clean. Also, it looks great on your counter and provides for a fun topic of conversation when friends visit.

All images from company websites. Lead image by Javier Hasse.


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