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Shared-Use Space For Cannabis Manufacturing To Debut In Southern California

April 7, 2020 4:26 pm
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Shared-Use Space For Cannabis Manufacturing To Debut In Southern California

My Green Network (MyGN) is set to open a membership-based, entrepreneur-focused, collaborative cannabis facility in Orange County, California this summer. The company promises to provide “a home, a network, compliance and access to cannabis verticals.”

Who Is It For?

Average cannabis startup costs are getting higher by the minute. MyGN aims to reduce these costs substantially by helping entrepreneurs target six main barriers:

  • Money
  • Compliance
  • Property
  • Time
  • Experience
  • Legal Uncertainty

Founded by attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, and visionary brand strategist, Maria Cordeiro, MyGN will focus on fostering a collaborative, green community, providing cost-effective solutions ensuring success for even non-cannabis businesses through:

  • Fully-equipped cannabis-compliant suites
  • An on-site marketplace for THC/CBD
  • Comprehensive support for compliance, distribution, sales and marketing
  • Flexible, pay as you scale monthly memberships

MyGN members — dubbed “Green Leaders” — will own their cannabis manufacturing license, and create any edible, topical, or beverage product. They can then package and sell all cannabis products throughout California.

“Joining any developing industry is challenging because there is no roadmap," MyGN co-founder Ken Hwang said. "Everyone embarks on their own path like the wild West. MyGN solves that by providing members with a clear path to be successful in today’s industry. We have our network, verticals, experience, and knowledge, and an entire community of 30 cannabis companies to collaborate with."

California allows MyGYN to create a platform for other businesses to create and sell their own branded products.

"We provide the space, compliance, and facility, basically the heavy lifting, and they get to do all the fun stuff without any of the headaches,” he said.

The facility is expected to debut in July.

Image from company website