Yes, You Can Now Buy A CBD-Infused Blanket

Following the release of a pillow made with CBD-infused fabric last month, we’re now getting a CBD-infused blanket. Yes, a blanket, because different people like to medicate differently.

Curfew’s Dream Blanket is an all-season blanket infused with patented, micro-encapsulated beads, which release CBD through friction.

Curfew uses CBD that is 100% hemp-derived, and contains beneficial cannabinoids, botanicals and natural ingredients as well. The Dream Blanket lasts for approximately 20 wash cycles, which the company estimates equates to roughly two years of regular use.

“With the launch of Curfew, we are building on a new sector of the CBD industry that is solely dedicated to sleep wellness. Similar to what we’ve successfully done with our other brand, Bear Mattress, our team has set out to find new textile technologies and incorporate them into products designed to give consumers more options when it comes to maximizing rest and recovery,” Scott Paladini, Curfew founder, told Benzinga. “The CBD micro-encapsulation process that is found in Curfew's Dream Blanket is the first of its kind in this industry, and the blanket took over a year of product development and testing to refine.”


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