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New Cannabis Products: OId Pal's Vacation Vape, Refrigerated Flower And Moxie Edibles

March 11, 2020 7:25 am
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New Cannabis Products: OId Pal's Vacation Vape, Refrigerated Flower And Moxie Edibles

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently.

Old Pal’s Vacation Vape

Old Pal released its first all-in-one vaporizer, the Vacation Vape. While the company’s 510 and Gio cartridges have been in the market since early 2019, this marks the first Old Pal all-in-one pen. With a unique size offering at .2g (40-60 hits), the Vacation Vape targets travelers coming to California looking to dabble in the legal cannabis market, novice all-in-one consumers, light smokers, and price-conscious shoppers.

The smaller oil amount doesn’t demand a large investment in unnecessary amounts of product. Priced at $15 a pen, this is one of the most affordable vaporizers on the market.

“The Vacation Vape was created with sustainability, functionality, and discretion in mind, while maintaining the Old Pal value ethos. This is a great option for the casual vape  consumer,” Jason Osni, Old Pal co-founder, told Benzinga.

Perfect Blends’ Refrigerated Flower 

Perfect Blends launched a new line of blended, refrigerated flower products. From packages of blended strains named after how they make you feel, like “Pick Me Up” and “NightCap”, to pre-rolls called PERFECTOs, Perfect’s products are designed to preserve the cannabis plant’s full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids, which are often lost in the harvesting and storage process.

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Perfect blends are available across select dispensaries in California.

“So much of a cannabis strain’s unique profile is lost after it’s been harvested. With Perfect, we hope to get as close to the plant’s pre-harvest state as we can," said co-founder and CPO Michael Backes.

Perfect uses a patented technology called “Cold Infused Flower” to maintain refrigeration post-harvest in order to protect monoterpenes and maintain peak freshness.

Moxie’s Edibles

Moxie announced the launch of its edibles line, available in five flavors. Launching in California first, the line will soon expand to Nevada and Florida.

“Launching edibles marks a very pivotal moment for Moxie as we aim to become one of the only brands that offers products in every retail category,” said CEOJordan Lams.

“At Moxie, our consumers have the quality they can trust, whether they prefer to smoke, eat, or vape. With edibles, we have the ability to expand into a market that is experiencing major growth and continue our mission to be the leader in high-quality cannabis products.”

Images courtesy of respective companies.

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