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Cybin Partners With Toronto Centre For Psychedelic Science For Psilocybin Research Project

February 13, 2020 4:50 pm
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Cybin Partners With Toronto Centre For Psychedelic Science For Psilocybin Research Project

Cybin Corp., a Canadian life sciences company focused on psychedelics and mushroom-psilocybin research, announced a new partnership with the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science.

With this partnership, the centers' co-founders, Rotem Petranker and Thomas Anderson will be appointed exclusive clinical advisors to Cybin.

"We feel many of the positive results that people have experienced with psychedelics require further scientific study with transparently-disclosed protocols and proper research study architecture to achieve repeatable results," Paul Glavine, CEO of Cybin Corp. told Benzinga. "Rotem and Thomas' commitment to open science echoes our philosophy. Together we expect to build a solid foundation and future for this industry, grounded in research and the scientific method."

Thomas Anderson, co-founder of the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science said, "We are excited to join forces with Cybin and to offer our expertise. A number of firms had approached TCPS, but Cybin demonstrated a superior commitment to high-quality research and integrity in product development."

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