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Video: The Heartwarming Origin Story Of Papa & Barkley

Video: The Heartwarming Origin Story Of Papa & Barkley

Almost every legal cannabis company has a good origin story

My mom was jailed for cannabis possession ...

My sister used it to treat her epilepsy ...

Cannabis saved my life, I couldn’t have dealt with PTSD if it wasn’t for weed ...

It seems like cannabis companies almost need a good origin story. But just having a good story isn't enough. You also have to be able to tell it in a compelling way.

And that's what consumer favorite Papa & Barkley has done in this new video produced by Flowertown, a content publishing platform focused on changing the cannabis conversation from niche to mainstream.

Started in 2016, Papa & Barkley was born from its co-founder Adam Grossman’s personal experience formulating a cannabis-based balm to treat his father's debilitating back pain in hospice.

“Coming into this industry meant that everyone on our team could now advance a cause that promoted wellness and more sustainable future for everyone involved,” Jamil Bardowell, managing director for Flowertown, told Benzinga. “This brings a deeper meaning to everything we do. The opportunity to work with Adam and the Papa & Barkley team provided us the ability to bring a story to life that captured the soul of why each of us believe so strongly in the power of cannabis.”

Angela Pih, chief marketing officer at Papa & Barkley said, “Flowertown captured Papa & Barkley's brand DNA and Eureka, California roots and brought our story life through an emotive retelling of our brand origin story that differentiates our mission and values.

“As Papa & Barkley continues to grow and expand nationally, visual storytelling and branded video is an important medium to share the company's unique mission-driven story through an education first approach.”

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