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Apeks Supercritical Launches Intelligent Vision Technology For Cannabis, Hemp Extraction

Apeks Supercritical Launches Intelligent Vision Technology For Cannabis, Hemp Extraction

Later this week, Apeks Supercritical will introduce its new smart CO2 extraction system, ReFraction.

The system uses artificial intelligence to provide operators with valuable insights on what’s occurring inside the machine, helping them increase efficiency and customize their yields.

A sensor system detects how saturated the CO2 levels are inside the machine, not only telling an operator exactly when to switch between cannabinoids and terpenes, but also allowing them to pre-program parameters for the maximum desired outcome, according to the company.

The ReFraction system automatically detects when it’s ideal to switch over vessels for continuous batch and maximum saturation, and alerts the operator when returns have started to diminish. 

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"ReFraction goes beyond human intelligence to a level we would not be able to attain ourselves," Andy Joseph, Apeks Supercritical's founder and general manager, told Benzinga. 

"It gives us the ability to see the terpene and cannabinoid levels in real time as they are coming through in the extraction process.  That’s important because we can actually drive the extraction parameters in a far more meaningful way and truly maximize desired output of product."

The company is also launching Co-Solvent Injection, a module that can be added to any automated Apeks system, instantly cutting extraction time in half and making current systems more versatile, he said. 

“Co-solvent allows up to 5% ethanol injection into the extraction process without the need for additional investment in external safety measures that standalone ethanol systems require.”  

Apeks Supercritical was recently acquired by Rough Brothers, a division of New York’s Gibraltar Industries. 

Photo courtesy of Apeks Supercritical. 

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