Meet My Bud Vase, The Brand Seeking To Make Bongs Inconspicuous

Doreen Sullivan, the founder and CEO of My Bud Vase, likes to define herself as an “artisanal innovator.” She creates luxury bongs that can be mindfully integrated into daily life.

One afternoon in 2015, Doreen had a neighbor pay her an unexpected visit. She did the classic “hide the bong dance,” one she’s practiced her whole life, she told Benzinga during a recent chat.

In this particular occasion, she hid her bong among all of her flower vases.

When her neighbor left, Doreen just sat there, heart pounding, staring at her bong, which was sitting next to a vase she had owned for years — serendipitously shaped like a bong.

“The two pieces were so similar in shape and yet so different in style. That was my ‘AH-HA!’ moment,” she told Benzinga.

The next day, Doreen called a friend and got her on board a crazy project, a six-month frenzy of repurposing vases into bongs.

“We busted through every size, every shape and every material imaginable, and many broke initially, but we felt we were creating something magical. It was worth it to flush out the challenging craftsmanship ahead of time,” she said.

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Why Care About A Bong?

For many women looking to discreetly consume cannabis, My Bud Vase might offer a nice solution.

“I chose the name My Bud Vase because I feel cannabis is about one’s own personal preferences. People love options and choices and relate to different styles, characteristics, and personalities," Doreen said.

My Bud Vase products include, one-of-a-kind repurposed vintage artisan pieces and beautifully designed signature collections. Each vase is meticulously crafted to bring art, expression, and discretion to a cannabis consumer’s lifestyle.

Now, she’s partnered with High Herstory to produce a new video: “My Bud Vase: The Bong Song.”

“The new, elevated marijuana smoker is female, educated and driven to succeed,” explained Annette Mia Flores, Jenny Joslin and Kendall Watkins, a group of award-winning filmmakers, co-founders of High Herstory. “The first My Bud Vase commercial showcases specific styles; utilizing a vintage style musical that features three different cannabis scenarios: the new smoker, the cannabis mom, and the savvy millennial who regularly consumes cannabis.”

'Bongs Like Us'

They added, the actors in the video all have stories from their own lives around cannabis and how it has improved their daily routines. One of the actors, Jessie Gonzales, known on Instagram as @TheMommyJane, is a cannabis influencer who helps other mothers integrate plant medicine and responsible cannabis use into their busy days juggling careers and children.

Images and video courtesy of My Bud Vase.

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