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'80s And '90s Nostalgia Wants In On Your Weed: Here Are 3 Cannabis Brands Getting It Right

October 5, 2019 6:23 pm
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'80s And '90s Nostalgia Wants In On Your Weed: Here Are 3 Cannabis Brands Getting It Right

By Liel Klein.

The nostalgia of the ‘80s and ‘90s continues to make its resurgence, performing well with Gen Z and Millennial consumers, finally old enough to utilize their disposable incomes to revisit old-school favorites.

Take Arizona’s Beverage Co’s recent entrance into the cannabis market via a partnership with Colorado’s Dixie Brands (OTC:DXBRF). The partnership exemplifies a brand utilizing their already established marketing assets in new and creative ways to build on their already loyal fan base. Their staple southwestern inspired colors and patterns support continued recognition to fuel successful collaborations with industries across the board.

Best known for its iconic 99 cent ‘90s iced tea, AriZona is “seeking new avenues for growth after losing ground in its core tea business,” — according to The Wall Street Journal. Their THC-infused product line won’t be starting with the iced tea based on that notion, instead, starting with cartridges and edibles branded under the “AriZona” name before getting back to their beverage roots. 

Other cannabis brands are finding success in throwing it back. Earlier this summer, Sublime Cannabis debuted “Freaze” Ice Pops, a first in California’s legal market. The take-home and freeze favorites are reminiscent of simpler times when our biggest decision was between blue raspberry or fruit punch. "Freezer pops are universally associated with a colorful summer treat from childhood,” says CEO Alex Fang, who understands that older we become the more we long for colors and tastes of our pasts.

Image source: sublimecanna.com

Fruit Slabs are another edibles brand also repackaging the nostalgia of fruit leathers we used to pick up by the checkout counter. Their organic, vegan, and kosher edibles tick off all the boxes for an ever-growing health-conscious demographic. 

Image source: fruitslabs.com

And it isn’t just edibles paying tribute to the past–Old Pal, a California cannabis lifestyle brand, is taking a deliberately simple approach to consumers seeking to shun today’s modern market.

Image courtesy of Old Pal.

“With many companies overcomplicating products, we think it is important for Old Pal to be that refreshing option that harkens back to the good old days when people gathered to pass a joint around, share stories and build community," says VP of Marketing Allison Pankow.

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And it’s true–younger generations' purchasing habits are manifesting differently than those of their predecessors. Packaging with a focus on feelings and experiences has grown rapidly in popularity in a market that relies on a first glance.

Image courtesy of Old Pal.

"The history of cannabis use dates far further back than our modern society's demonization and now legalization of the plant. Humans have understood the transcendent power of the plant for personal and communal use for thousands of years and at Old Pal, we are reverent to that nostalgia," Pankow concluded.

Liel Klein is a recovering cannabis industry publicist living in Seattle. 

Lead photo courtesy of Old Pal.

The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited.