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You're at your wit's end. You were already in debt and struggling to make ends meet. Bills were piling up. Now you have suffered a large financial setback that threatens to push you over the edge. How can you possibly pay your credit card bills?

I’ve spoken at length about the technical and charting factors that I take account of when looking for trading setups. Obviously momentum is the main factor that I prioritize, along with the stock’s recent levels and float size. You can read a full reckoning of those elements in my morning scanner breakdown.

Have you ever lied for financial gain? The odds are strong that you've done it at least once. According to a new study from, almost 4-in-5 Americans have admitted to lying for some type of financial gain — and many don't feel guilty about their lies.

Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) delivered a solid second quarter earnings and sales beat Thursday, but was still hit with a downgrade by a still-bullish Raymond James. 

On August 1st, I made a chart commentary titled Correction Time? Listen to This Grizzly to Decide. I concluded the worst we might see in August was a 5 percent pullback to S&P 2700.

Daimler AG (OTC: DDAIF) plans to produce battery-powered Smart cars in China by setting up a joint venture with China's Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd ("BJEV"), per Bloomberg. BJEV is a subsidiary of Daimler's existing Chinese partner, Beijing Automotive Group Co. Ltd.

Qorvo, Inc (NASDAQ: QRVO) recently announced the pricing of an additional $130 million of convertible unsecured senior notes to enhance liquidity. The notes are slated to mature in 2026.

It’s been a difficult year for Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) investors, and one analyst says two recent developments suggest Facebook isn’t nearly out of the woods just yet.

Surging domestic supply hindered natural gas prices over the past several years, but the commodity has recently been a solid performer. Demand expectations could provide some upside for natural gas and the related exchange traded funds.

Internet scam artists are moving beyond your email inbox to target your text messages as well. "SMiShing," also known as SMS Phishing, continues to loot information from busy and unaware consumers despite its relative maturity as a scam method.

Here's what you should know about SMiShing and how to protect yourself.