Why Las Vegas Buffets Still Offer An 'Amazing Experience'

The vibrant city of Las Vegas came to a halt in March, and many wondered if it would look the same once it reopened. 

It would be reasonable to assume that the era of packed casinos, crowded clubs and pools and people grabbing food shoulder-to-shoulder ate one of the many buffets in Vegas has come to an end.

The new Vegas normal is now here: plexiglass at the blackjack tables, social distance rules at the pools and servers who take food orders at the Wynn Resorts, Limited WYNN buffet.

Thankfully, it remains an "amazing experience," according to Derek Thomas, a true buffet guru and host of YouTube's "All You Can Vegas."

New Buffet Rules: The Wynn buffet reopened its doors to guests June 18, but with a twist.

Instead of guests loading up their plates with what they want and how they want, servers take food orders and bring the food to the table.

For many, this would be a deal-breaker, as it defeats the whole purpose of a buffet. After all, Las Vegas visitors come from all over the world to experience the extravagant food that helped make the city famous.

"I think a lot of people will find this new style of buffet intriguing and will be curious to check it out," Thomas told Benzinga in an e-mail after his video review was published. "There's still plenty of extravagances, since it's still all you can eat."

The restaurant spread out guests and tables to maintain social distancing guidelines.

Order What You Want: Wynn buffet servers recommend guests order two or three dishes at a time. But this is a recommendation, and servers would likely "have no problem with a request for a triple portion," Thomas said. He said all of the food was "surprisingly well portioned."

Thomas started off with a plate of beef ribs, a portion of prime rib and one of his favorites, turkey with mashed potatoes.

"The only downside to this new system is basically just waiting now without being able to go up now and get my food," he said in the video.

But it "isn't taking too long" for an order to arrive, and the brief period offers an opportunity to glance over the menu and "fantasize about the next course," Thomas said. 

Other items Thomas enjoyed include lobster ravioli, a slice of pizza, a second portion of beef ribs and prime rib, a calzone, various dessert cakes and ice cream.

"As long as the Wynn maintains their usual high level of quality, I don't see any fans of this new style turning into haters, and I'm sure any haters who actually give it a try will enjoy it," he told Benzinga.

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