Peter King Appears to Enjoy Being ‘That Racist Congressman'

No longer content that African-Americans (95%), Jewish-Americans (78%), Hispanic-Americans (67%), and Asian-Americans (62%) already are super-majority Democrat voting blocs, Republican Peter King has decided to also drive Muslim-Americans away from the Republican party for a generation. In a move that screams “1950s McCarthyism,” the New York Republican held his second hearing today aimed at looking at the influence that (insert sarcastic scary voice here) “radical” muslims have in American society. Seriously. In a hearing titled, “The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons,” King is investigating the possibility that Muslims, specifically Muslim terror groups, are recruiting within America's prisons. The reality is that the threat of terrorism stemming from former inmates who convert to radical Islam — not just Islam, but the actual guanopsychotic terrorist variety — is laughably small. It's certainly smaller than the risk of violence from, say, former IRA members. Why mention the Irish Republican Army? Because they, unlike Muslims, are an actual terror group who commit actual acts of terror. Peter King's stance on the IRA? According to the Huffington Post, King “supported the Irish Republican Army's political wing in the 1980s and 1990s, a time when the IRA was involved in violence in Northern Ireland.” Oh, really? Yes, really. The difference between the IRA and Al Qaeda? Well, the IRA doesn't have a lot of brown people, and its religion is more mainstream in America. Is this really the message King and the Republicans want to send to the world — that white terrorists are OK but non-white terrorists are worth a Congressional hearing? For his part, King isn't backing down, insisting that the blatantly racist hearing isn't racist at all. “Dozens of ex-cons who became radicalized Muslims inside U.S. prisons have gone to Yemen to join an al-Queda group run by a fellow America, Anwar al-Awlaki, whose terrorists have attacked the U.S. homeland several times since 2008 and are generally acknowledged to be al-Queda's most dangerous affiliate,” King said. None of the 168 people murdered in the Oklahoma City bombing by right-wing Republican nutjob (and non-Muslim) terrorist Timothy McVeigh could be reached for comment on the case.

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