Married With Children Could Be Coming Back To Television Soon, But This Time As A Cartoon

Zinger Key Points
  • Deadline reports that Fox, Hulu and Peacock are likely destinations for the show.
  • “Married…With Children” ended its 11 season run in 1997 with nine million viewers per episode.

One of the most famous sitcoms of the 1990s is likely headed back to television, this time the show will have a much different appearance.

What Happened: The popular sitcom “Married…With Children” is being revived as an animated series. “Family Guy” executive producer Alex Carter wrote a new version of the show that will feature the voices of Katey Sagal, Ed O’Neil, Christina Applegate and David Faustino, the original four stars of the show.

The new show comes from Sony Pictures, a unit of Sony Group Corp SONY. Sony also owns and distributes the original series.

Sony is pitching the new animated series to networks and streaming services, with Deadline reporting that Fox, Hulu and Peacock are likely destinations.

Hulu, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company DIS and Comcast Corp CMCSA, currently airs old episodes of “Married…With Children.” Peacock, a streaming platform from Comcast, also airs old episodes.

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Why It’s Important: The show is considered one of the most influential television shows in pop culture and was one of the longest live action comedy series to ever air on network television. “Married…With Children” aired on Fox Corp FOX from 1987 to 1997 and was one of the first scripted series on the Fox network.

“Married…With Children” ended its 11 season run in 1997 when it was still getting nine million viewers per episode. In its ninth season, the show was getting an average of 15 million viewers per episode. Viewership fell for the series in its last two seasons as Fox moves the show around to different nights.

Other ‘90s shows “Rosanne” and “The Wonder Years” have seen success and were both recently renewed in their latest spinoff or updated versions.

A spinoff of “Married…With Children” has been in the rumor mill for years, but was always seen as a difficult endeavor given the schedules of the four original stars. The animated version will likely be the best that fans of the original show will get today.

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