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Dallas Cowboys Fan? Here's Why You Could Be Twice As Happy This Week

Dallas Cowboys Fan? Here's Why You Could Be Twice As Happy This Week

While investors begin evaluating the upcoming year's portfolio, those in the sports markets are digesting last weekend's results from the NFL playoffs and devising a strategy for the next round.

For those unfamiliar with the sports investing market, has reinvented the site to comply with U.S. federal regulations. This was accomplished by transforming the site for one that resembled more traditional forms of wagering (based on one isolated event) to one that is more akin to Draft Kings or FanDuel, which is based on more widespread predictions.

In order to better understand how the site works, one has to view each contest or game-winner being derived from the most accurate predictions of at least four of the seven predetermined propositions. Each of the propositions requires a “yes” or “no” answer and will expire at either 0 or 100 -- with 0 being the result for "no"s and 100 for "yes"s.

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From the list of propositions, each participant has a fantasy $50,000 to allocate among the group. The share price of propositions is determined by the probability of it coming to fruition. The eventual winner is determined by the best share allocation to the listed propositions.

According to Dan Karpuc, Tradesports Director of Content, below is a recap of last week's results. Whether or not they will aid sports investors in this weekend's matchups is yet to be determined.

Cowboys Vs. Lions

Cowboys To Win (Price: 62) “YES” Total shares: 4,635 (55.5 percent) Lions To Win (Price: 38) “NO” Total shares: 3,707 (44.5 percent)

Fans were posed with a dilemma: support the Cowboys who haven't been to playoffs in five years, or support Matthew Stafford and the Lions, who have won one playoff game in 57 years. In the end, the Cowboys received 11 percent more support in terms of total shares traded, possibly due to the fact that they were playing at home.

Of note: Every winner in multi-person (other than head-to-head) contests said “YES” to the Cowboys winning.

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Colts Vs. Bengals

Colts To Win (Price: 60) “YES” Total shares: 1,787 (26.7 percent) Bengals To Win (Price: 40) “NO” Total shares: 4,894 (73.3 percent)

Every contestant that finished in 1st place in the 14 contests for this event either had the Colts winning or the Colts winning by more than 5.5 stock correct.

Fans disagreed with the pricing, as 73.3 percent of the shares traded were in support of the Bengals, who were the clear underdog by all odds makers. The crowd rejected the notion that the Colts were heavy favorites.

Part of the reason for this could have been Andrew Luck's previous playoff performances (he went 1-2 and wasn't very sharp), and recent performance in the regular season (throwing 2 INTs for just 109 yards against Dallas in a Week 16 loss, and then 160 yards and 2 TDs against the Titans in Week 17.)

Surprisingly, fans decided to support Andy Dalton's team, despite the fact that he was 0-3 in the playoffs and had 17 interceptions to go along with 19 TDs in the regular season.

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Steelers Vs. Ravens

Steelers To Win (Price: 57) “YES” Total shares: 2,901 (50.6 percent) Ravens To Win (Price: 43) “NO” Total shares: 2,831 (49.4 percent)

This was the closest distribution of the weekend, as virtually the same number of shares supported each side.

The players who finished with the best scores loaded up against the Steelers and said “NO” to the Steelers winning and to the Steelers winning by more than 3.5 points.

Perhaps because of the news of star Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers were not supported as heavily as expected.

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Panthers Vs. Cardinals

Panthers To Win (Price: 59) “YES” Total shares: 1,580 (30.9 percent) Cardinals To Win (Price: 41) “NO" Total shares: 3,526 (69.1 percent)

The 7-8-1 Panthers were favored by the pricing and that of all odds makers, despite the fact that they were squaring off against the 11-5 Cardinals (the game was in North Carolina and Ryan Lindley was the starting QB for Arizona).

The crowd seemed to reject the outcome of the Panthers winning this game at home, possibly in part due to Cam Newton never winning a playoff game and in part due to Arizona's defense being very solid.

The contestants with the highest scores all supported the Panthers getting things done in front of their home crowds, saying “YES” to the Panthers to win and Panthers to win by more than 4.5 points stocks.

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