Mending An Antiquated Healthcare System? Cloud DX Says It Presents A Software-Hardware Alternative

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Despite ongoing efforts to improve the healthcare system in the U.S., a reportedly disproportionate number of residents are still unsatisfied with the quality of care available. 

A report by Public Agenda states only a meager 7% of Americans are satisfied with the current healthcare system. Even among different political parties, 6 out of 10 people agree that the healthcare system needs change or even a complete overhaul. 

Some key players have already taken the spotlight in spearheading this change. Teledoc Health Inc. TDOC became America’s No. 1 platform for telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic and GoodRx Holdings Inc. GDRX built a $2.8 billion business by helping consumers find drug discounts. But they may not be the only enablers of disruptive healthcare services. 

With its blend of hardware and software healthcare solutions, Cloud DX Inc. CDXFF reports that it has been on a mission to revitalize the remote patient monitoring system. Coupled with a sales strategy that's driving rapid adoption among global healthcare providers, Cloud DX says it provides healthcare practitioners recurring revenue services in a frictionless, reimbursable transaction model.

The Cloud DX Platform: A Unique Case Study?

Cloud DX states that its blend of software and hardware solutions allows patients to self-monitor vitals from the comfort of their homes 

Equipped with a custom Android health tablet, a wrist cuff blood pressure monitor, a wireless Bluetooth scale, smart thermometer, and a wireless pulse oximeter, Cloud DX reports that itsConnected Health™ kit allows patients to track all their vital signs with clinical accuracy. 

From the comfort of their homes, patients take their vital sign readings with the devices, and the data is sent through the Cloud DX platform directly to the clinician interface. Using the platform, patients can connect directly with their physician team through text, video-chat, or messaging. The Cloud DX management team tells Benzinga that, despite an older customer base, the platform has a 97% user satisfaction rate

Physicians may also be able to see more patients thanks to Cloud DX’s Clinician Portal, which gives medical practitioners an overview of each patient’s vital signs. 

“In one recent case, my team was alerted to a potentially serious complication very quickly. I believe that our timely intervention, in part due to early warning by PulseWave, was the key to a healthy outcome for my patient and her baby,” said Doctor Sandy Sharma, an obstetrician on Cloud DX’s platform. 

Cloud DX believes that additionally exemplifying its capacity is its Vitaliti product, a wearable, vital signs monitor that won the Bold Epic Innovator Award at the Qualcomm Inc. QCOM Tricorder X Prize competition. 

The Vitaliti continuous vital sign monitor is a highly advanced healthcare wearable, measuring heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, core body temperature, blood pressure, movement, steps, and posture. 

According to the company, the Vitaliti product, once available, will represent another of Cloud DX’s innovative suite of healthcare devices and solutions aimed at bettering the lives of patients around the globe. 

Aside from grants from several Canadian government bodies, Cloud DX boasts partnerships with digital meetup specialists like Zoom Video Communications Inc. ZM, industrial oxygen leader Air Liquide AIQUF, and healthcare conglomerates like Roche Holdings AG RHHBY and Medtronic PLC MDT

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This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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