AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Up To 90% Efficacy In Advanced Trials

AstraZeneca Plc AZN and Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine prevented 70% of the inoculated trial participants from developing COVID-19, early analysis of trial data indicates.

What Happened: The results were based on data gathered from two different dosing regimens. One dosing regimen, given to 2,700 volunteers, showed 90% efficacy while another administered to 9,000 people had 62% efficacy.

When volunteers were given half a dose of the vaccine prior to a full dose a month later, the best results emerged.

A total of 20,000 volunteers were involved in trials in the United Kingdom and Brazil. Thirty people developed COVID -19 after being given two doses of the vaccine, while 101 people developed the disease after getting a placebo, the BBC reported.

Professor Andrew Pollard, who led the trial, said “we're really pleased with these results.” According to Pollard, while 90% effectiveness data was “intriguing,” it would mean “we would have a lot more doses to distribute."

Why It Matters: Moderna Inc MRNA and Pfizer Inc PFE vaccines have shown 95% efficacy as per interim results of Phase 3 trials. 

While Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines require an ultra-cold temperature, AstraZeneca’s can be kept at fridge temperatures, which makes it easier to distribute all over the world, as per the BBC.

Four million doses of the Oxford vaccine are ready in the United Kingdom and 96 million doses need to be delivered.

The UK government has ordered enough doses to vaccinate 50 million people, the BBC reported. 

One hundred million doses of the vaccine would be ready for distribution in India by December, according to Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India Ltd, a partner of AstraZeneca in the South Asian nation.

Price Action: AstraZeneca shares closed 2.35% higher at $55.30 on Friday.

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