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These Bay Area FinTech Companies Are Leading the Artificial Intelligence Fintech Revolution


Fintech is rapidly changing many core aspects of the finance industry, and one of the technologies with the most potential impact is artificial intelligence. AI technology has the capacity to both save the industry millions of dollars in regulatory costs and efficiency improvements and also potentially eliminate a significant portion of the financial services workforce.

San Francisco, the site of the Benzinga FinTech Summit on September 28th, is a hub for the growing industry of artificial intelligence in fintech.

Benzinga is featuring some of the best and brightest upcoming artificial intelligence companies in the Bay Area. Read on for our first installment of the San Francisco fintech landscape.

Ayasdi: Ayasdi is an artificial intelligence and machine intelligence software company. It offers a platform and apps to organizations trying to analyze and build predictive using data sets. Botanic Technologies is an artificial intelligence, software, and services company that builds chatbots, assistants, and avatars to be the user experience to AI.

Business Reactor: Business Reactor delivers data, research and technology solutions to banks and financial institutions. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to collect, organize and analyze information on technologies and companies powering fintech innovation.

Cape Analytics: Cape Analytics combines artificial intelligence with machine learning to create a product that identifies property attributes in order to help insurance companies to provide more accurate quotes.

Collective2: Collective2 provides an automated trading strategies platform that lets traders choose a leader, a broker, and a trading size before automatically investing in holdings. offers a collection of curated, financial services focused regulatory information through dynamically adaptive machine learning models in order to transform basic content into usable and integratable information.

CrowdFlower: CrowdFlower is an artificial intelligence company focused on data mining and crowdsourcing. It offers a software as a service which allows users to access an online platform to clean, label and enrich data. is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on bringing deep learning to businesses through software. Its flagship product, H2O, is an open source platform that makes it easy for financial services, insurance and healthcare companies to use machine learning and predictive analytics to solve complex problems.

MindMeld: MindMeld is an artificial intelligence company that is devoted to the development of technology to power a conversational interfaces. MindMeld’s platform allows companies to create intelligent conversational interfaces for any app or device.

Numenta: Numenta is an artificial intelligence company attempting to reverse engineer the neocortex part of the brain. They create machine technology based on the same principles as humans, with a goal of continuing the success of humankind.

Oquant: Oquant is an artificial intelligence based-web service that provides access to unique financial content for investment and business decisions. Its technology is designed to feasibly unlock new investment ideas.

Sentient Technologies: Sentient Technologies has created a large artificial intelligence platform by creating fully autonomous products based upon deep learning, evolutionary computation, and scale. is an artificial intelligence company that helps investors get new data by providing innovative research. The company’s platform incorporates a high degree of flexibility to empower creativity and execute new ideas.

If you’re looking for cool fintech startups and access to top financial institutions, and are sick of attending stuffy corporate conferences, the Benzinga Fintech Summit is the event for you. Visit for more details.

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