The Tech Giants That Are Hiring For Blockchain Positions

Investors and analysts remain polarized about where cryptocurrncy prices are headed long-term, but a number of experts agree that the underlying blockchain technology driving bitcoin and other cryptos could be a major economic driver for decades to come.

Instead of gambling on cryptocurrency investments, younger, tech-savvy Americans can take the opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology and potentially get in on the ground floor of a booming and lucrative industry.

Now Hiring

A number of high-profile tech companies are hiring for blockchain-related positions. Since the industry is still in its infancy, competition for these positions could be relatively mild compared to some other high-paying tech fields. A quick search on reveals 748 job postings tagged with the keyword “blockchain.”

  • International Business Machines Corp. IBM is among the companies making the most aggressive pushes into blockchain technology. IBM has 362 job postings on Moster tagged with the keyword “blockchain.” IBM has several positions around the country open for “blockchain and distributed ledger technologies — architect,” among hundreds of other postings.
  • Microsoft Corporation MSFT has 18 blockchain-related job postings, including “principal software engineer, identity services for blockchain” and “blockchain and financial services architect, applied innovation, WW digital, services & success.”
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. CSCO has seven open listings, including “technical leader — application development/blockchain” and “technical leader — platform engineer in blockchain.”
  • Oracle Corporation ORCL has two open positions for “blockchain principal developer.”
  • Even companies outside the tech sector are hiring blockchain experts to stay ahead of the curve. JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM has 10 blockchain-related job postings, including “CIB, CAO, blockchain executive administrative assistant” and “blockchain software engineer.”
  • Visa Inc V has 13 open positions, including “blockchain engineer” and “junior/senior data engineer." 

Job Security

The companies mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg for job seekers with experience and a relevant skill set in blockchain technology. If analysts are correct, a career in blockchain technology could provide some financial security for decades to come as the business world finds new ways to apply the concepts to improve efficiency, transparency and security.

In January, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves estimated the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets could eventually be a $10-trillion business. The engineers and other business leaders building that market will likely get their fair share of that value themselves.

The average salary for a blockchain developer is $79,985, while the average salary for a blockchain principal engineer ranges between $139,206 and $149,708, according to Glassdoor.

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