Hedge Fund Manager Says 'Stay Away' From Alibaba

Speaking to Benzinga, Lemelson Capital Management Chief Investment Officer Emmanuel Lemelson warned investors to “stay away from new issues” including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd BABA.

Lemelson noted that the sellers, which includes insiders and investment banks, “have a vested interest in selling to you at a price they know is above true value.”

Rather than take a chance on a stock with a limited public track record, Lemelson recommended sticking to stocks in the secondary market with a known history.

Lemelson said that with upwards of 10,000 stocks “to choose from on major markets, why resort to IPO’s with limited public track records” offered by banks and promoters “with interests that don’t align with your own?”

Ahead of its earnings report on January 29, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd traded at $98.58, down 4.24 percent.

Kevin and Brianna Valleskey contributed to this report.

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