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Cannabis Consumers Show Higher Motivation Than Non-Consumer Counterparts: Study

A recent study published in the journal Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology examined the relationship between cannabis use and effort-related decision-making in a sample of 47 college students (25 cannabis users and 22 non-users).

The results of the study suggest that college students who use cannabis are more likely to expend effort to obtain a reward. Hence, the popular stigma associated with cannabis consumption, “the lazy stoner” seems to lack scientific grounds.

The researchers tested the “amotivation syndrome” hypothesis which suggests that regular cannabis use results in impaired capacity for goal-directed behavior. However, the results of the study show that cannabis users were more likely to select a high-effort trial.

Although the results do not support the amotivational syndrome hypothesis, the researchers noted that “future research with a larger sample is required to evaluate possible associations between cannabis use and patterns of real-world effortful behavior over time.”

Cannabis Users Integrate Weed Into Their Routines, Jobs & Lives

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A study published in October 2021, by the San Francisco-based cannabis delivery platform Eaze, found an increasing crossover between cannabis use and off-the-couch activities including work, fitness, and intimacy.

According to Eaze’s study, 43% of users polled said they microdose cannabis prior to clocking into their jobs (40% have full-time employment) and 37% said they pair cannabis with their workouts, countering the erroneous and outdated image of couch-locked stoners.

Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash.

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