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Interested in MicroCaps? Here's One That's Making Moves

July 12, 2016 4:19 pm
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The following was originally posted to SecretCaps.
AtmanCo Inc (CVE: ATW) just released their updated investor deck including information on the Voxtel Acquisition to SecretCaps. We are very excited for the possible synergies of the acquisition, namely since Voxtel owns the dating site Atman rolled out its psychometric testing on with two million members. We're also excited for the positive expected $1 million EBITDA from Voxtel, which can propel bloomed.com, and for Voxtel's industry relationships potentially opening doors for Atman.
Granted, 70-90% of M&A activity fails according to Harvard Business School. So we are keeping a close eye as to the interest for the private placement. We don't think it will be a hard sell to investors since the purchase price of Voxtel was cheap at 0.25x 2015 sales, or $3.4M CAD.
We already spoke with management when the news broke, but we plan to follow up again next week and we will again update investors. There is a lot to go through on the investor deck. 
We have not expanded our position yet, but we will update investors if we do. Also, the floor price for the PP is 0.075 CAD, which still offers an arbitrage opportunity we penned in our original post from when shares were trading at .04, if the PP closes. We are very excited for this opportunity and we continue to dig into it.
We checked out bloomed.com, the company's fully owned dating site, and its pretty interesting. Note that the company has not yet rolled out the service mainstream, so its not heavily used right now.
Regardless, following the 5-10 minute quiz we're given our personality and the free option to compare with others, our Facebook friends, and more. Beyond the uses for busiess, HR and hiring, this is interesting.
Actually matching with people whose personality you match with is very cool. Tinder (owned by Match Group Inc (NASDAQ: MTCH)  and Bumble are great, but once you match and actually talk to someone, it falls through if you're not compatible. That's why we think psychometric testing in dating is very cool.
Remember, Voxtel owns the dating site Atman rolled out their service on. With 2 million members (not sure how many are active, but that's a lot of emails), being able to leverage this at will can be synergistic to bloomed when the official roll out begins.
We also spent time answering the question on eHarmony.com, since we know their test can take about an hour – and if tons of people were willing to sit through that we know that Atman's 5-10 minute psychometric quiz won't be a deterrent based on time.
We're no experts, but E-Harmony's test looks to match people based on adjectives (how happy or confident you are) whereas Atmans' dives into the underlying reasoning for a person's behaviors. We're still comparing.

Tom Shaughnessy runs SecretCaps, a microcaps community.