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Year-End ETF Portfolio Review


Thank you for all of your support and readership in 2012. There will be some exciting changes to portfolios in 2013 (more to be announced tomorrow and throughout the year). Before we can look towards 2013, a review of 2012 is in order.

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The Basic Portfolio was created in 2011, the original strategy background is available here.  The portfolio is up 5.71% since 2011 and was up 11.51% in 2012.  The strategy for the portfolio is to purchase the top 3 ETFs (among 5 – BND, DBC, VEU, VNQ, and VTI) with the highest average 3, 6, and 12 month returns (“3-6-12″).  Only purchase the top 3 ETFs if they are also above their 200 day simple moving average at month end.

This portfolio will be completely revamped for 2013, with more updates to follow tomorrow.


The Portfolio was created January 2011. It screens 25 ETFs and picks the top 4 based on a variety of momentum/volatility factors. There will be some exciting changes to the portfolio rules in 2013, a further update will be provided tomorrow. To date the portfolio has returned 16.16%, including 8.05% in 2012:


The US Sector ETF Portfolio was created at the beginning of 2012.  The strategy purchases the top 1 sector ETF each month based on the ETF with the highest 6 month trailing performance. It is a very basic momentum strategy and is tracked on other websites such as CXO Advisory.

The portfolio was up 8.95% for 2012, including dividends. However, due to the simplicity of the strategy and my desire to pursue other ideas it will no longer be tracked or updated in 2013.

All returns are hypothetical. Commissions, taxes, and other factors will impact results

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