Ukraine Recent News

Xi Jinping Puts On European Charm Offensive: Can China Woo EU Amid Simmering US Tensions?
Russian Missile Strike In Ukraine Injures Six, Damages Civilian Infrastructure
Russia Foresees 'Humiliating Fiasco' For US In Ukraine Support, Kremlin Drops 'Vietnam And Afghanistan' Reminder
Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Mike Johnson's Speakership Is 'Over' After House Passes Ukraine Aid Package: 'Resign And Allow Us To Move Forward'
Former Congressman Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene's Stance On Ukraine: 'Moscow Marjorie Has Reached A New Low'
Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls For Space Laser Funding For US Border Security, Proposes 'Conscription' For Senators Supporting Ukraine Supplemental Bill
Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronted By Moskowitz Over Nazis In Ukraine Claims: 'Disgusting Behavior'
Tommy Tuberville Trades Raise Eyebrows Again: Senator Sells Put Options, Buys Small Biotech Linked To Ukraine-Russia War
Iran's Attack On Israel Is 'Wake-Up Call' For US To Back American Allies: Ukraine's Zelenskyy
President Biden Or Trump Or Journalists? New Poll Reveals Who Republicans Trust More For Ukraine-Russia Conflict Updates
Former Army General Warns Russia Is Now 'More Dangerous Adversary Than It Was Two Years Ago'
US Inks $138M Deal To Maintain And Upgrade Ukraine's HAWK Air Defence Systems
Ethereum Co-Founder Asks 'Are We Going To War With Russia?' After Blinken Says Ukraine Will Eventually Join NATO
Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls House Speaker A 'Damn Fool' Over Ukraine Funding: 'Do They Have Mike Johnson's Wife Tied Up Somewhere And Have A Gun To Her Head?'
Putin Directs Russian Government To Create Domestic Gaming Industry
Russian President Denies Plans To Attack NATO, But Warns F-16s In Ukraine Will Be Shot Down
Ukraine's Bold Strike Disables Russian Ships In Crimea, Asserts Naval Dominance
Ken Buck, A Thorn In The Side Of GOP Leadership, Deals Final Blow Before Leaving Congress
Russian Missiles Strike Ukrainian Cities, Leading To Blackouts And Rising Tensions With NATO
Ukraine Losing War To Russia, Says Former Polish Army Chief: 'More Than 10 Million People Are Missing'
Was The Ukraine War Preventable? Piers Morgan Challenges Jeffrey Sachs On Russian President's Actions
Poland Urges NATO To Increase Defense Spending Amid Fears Of Russian Aggression: 'The Alarm Bells Are Ringing'
Oil Prices Jump To Four-Month High, Surpass 200-Day Average: 'Momentum Indicators Remain Bullish,' Analyst Says