Hawaii To Shut Down Last Coal Plant To Make Way For Tesla's Giant Battery


In the march to sustainable energy, the old energy production methods may one day be replaced by green, zero-emission technologies. The state of Hawaii is taking the next step in its goal for zero-emission energy production and storage using Tesla Inc.'s TSLA Megapack industrial-scale batteries.

As shared by Electrek, Tesla's Megapacks are on their way to the state of Hawaii which will result in the island's last coal power plant shutting down for good.

While Hawaii has the largest amount of solar production per capita in the U.S., it needs a place to store some of that energy for times when the sun doesn't shine. 

Tesla has been working with Hawaiian Electric to help set up battery storage systems for years. Once finished, the energy storage facility will be one of the largest in the world at 185 megawatts/​565 megawatt-hours. This battery system should be able to output full power for around three hours continuously. Of course, while the sun is shining, it will either be putting out much less than peak power or even being charged off excess solar power. 

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

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