At close: Jun 18
After Hours: 7:59PM EDT

Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

Snowflake: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Jun 12, 2024Benoit DagevillePRESIDENT PRODUCTS-40.108K$127.54-$141.32KSELL-0.81%4.910205MJun 10 - Jun 11View
Jun 12, 2024Christian KleinermanEVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-1.108K$128.02-$141.85KSELL-0.13%856.489KJun 10 - Jun 11View
Jun 12, 2024Frank SlootmanDIRECTOR-2.77K$127.67-$353.64KSELL-0.42%662.673KJun 10 - Jun 11View
Jun 10, 2024Michael SpeiserDIRECTOR76.2K$131.09$9.99MBUY3.50%2.254913MJun 07View
Jun 05, 2024Christian KleinermanEVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-15K$137.14-$2.06MSELL-1.72%857.597KJun 04View
May 28, 2024Emily HoCHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-6.5K$158.36-$1.03MSELL-15.27%36.076KMay 24View
May 15, 2024Christian KleinermanEVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-1.5K$161.15-$241.72KSELL-0.17%872.597KMay 14View
May 03, 2024William Christopher DegnanCHIEF REVENUE OFFICER-3.835K$80.15-$1.95MSELL-0.55%695.106KMay 01View
Apr 17, 2024Christian KleinermanEVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-1.5K$156.38-$234.57KSELL-0.17%874.097KApr 15View
Mar 27, 2024Sridhar RamaswamyCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER31.542K$158.52$5.00MBUY14.07%255.723KMar 25View
Mar 20, 2024Emily HoCHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER2.032K$85.13-$258.39KSELL-OPTIONS7.16%30.425KMar 19View
Mar 19, 2024Emily HoCHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-3.336K$156.97-$523.67KSELL-10.51%28.393KMar 15 - Mar 18View
Mar 19, 2024Frank SlootmanCEO AND CHAIRMAN-38.045K$156.81-$5.97MSELL-5.41%665.443KMar 15 - Mar 18View
Mar 19, 2024Benoit DagevillePRESIDENT PRODUCTS-15.449K$156.58-$2.42MSELL-0.31%5.004421MMar 15 - Mar 18View
Mar 19, 2024Christian KleinermanEVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-24.034K$157.16-$3.78MSELL-2.76%848.257KMar 15 - Mar 18View
Mar 18, 2024Christian KleinermanEVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-1.5K$161.94-$242.91KSELL-0.17%872.291KMar 14View
Mar 12, 2024Grzegorz CzajkowskiEVP, ENGINEERING AND SUPPORT-1.108K$161.80-$179.27KSELL-1.27%86.208KMar 08 - Mar 11View
Mar 12, 2024Benoit DagevillePRESIDENT PRODUCTS-1.108K$161.79-$179.26KSELL-0.02%5.05087MMar 08 - Mar 11View
Mar 12, 2024Christian KleinermanEVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-1.108K$161.79-$179.27KSELL-0.13%873.791KMar 08 - Mar 11View
Mar 12, 2024Frank SlootmanCEO AND CHAIRMAN-2.77K$161.98-$448.68KSELL-0.39%703.488KMar 08 - Mar 11View
Mar 07, 2024MARK MCLAUGHLINDIRECTOR3.03K$165.45$501.31KBUY34.68%11.766KMar 06View
Feb 15, 2024Christian KleinermanSVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-1.5K$230.00-$345.00KSELL-0.18%825.067KFeb 14View
Feb 12, 2024Christian KleinermanSVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-10K$230.00-$2.30MSELL-1.20%826.567KFeb 09View
Feb 12, 2024Frank SlootmanCEO AND CHAIRMAN0$120.78-$47.87MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%612.289KFeb 09View
Feb 09, 2024Frank SlootmanCEO AND CHAIRMAN0$117.00-$18.61MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%612.289KFeb 08View
Feb 06, 2024Christian KleinermanSVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-10K$220.00-$2.20MSELL-1.24%795.135KFeb 05View
Feb 05, 2024William Christopher DegnanCHIEF REVENUE OFFICER-3.835K$102.02-$2.51MSELL-0.60%636.233KFeb 01 - Feb 05View
Jan 25, 2024Christian KleinermanSVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-10K$210.00-$2.10MSELL-1.20%821.874KJan 24View
Jan 24, 2024William Christopher DegnanCHIEF REVENUE OFFICER-3.835K$102.50-$1.58MSELL-0.58%658.061KJan 22 - Jan 24View
Jan 17, 2024Christian KleinermanSVP, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-1.5K$190.00-$285.00KSELL-0.18%815.135KJan 16View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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