At close: Jun 12
After Hours: 6:26PM EDT

Chegg Stock (NYSE:CHGG), Insider Trading Activity

Chegg: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Dec 14, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.777K$10.52-$60.76KSELL-1.35%421.025KDec 12 - Dec 13View
Dec 05, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.699K$10.21-$27.55KSELL-0.63%426.802KDec 01 - Dec 04View
Nov 29, 2023Andrew J BrownCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-16.921K$10.02-$169.55KSELL-4.21%384.885KNov 27View
Sep 14, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.315K$10.06-$53.47KSELL-1.22%429.501KSep 12 - Sep 13View
Sep 06, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.262K$10.63-$24.04KSELL-0.52%434.816KSep 01 - Sep 05View
Jun 14, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-4.839K$10.86-$52.58KSELL-1.10%437.078KJun 12 - Jun 14View
Jun 05, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.262K$9.21-$20.84KSELL-0.51%441.917KJun 01 - Jun 05View
Mar 17, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-7.007K$16.10-$112.80KSELL-2.89%235.626KMar 15View
Mar 08, 2023Esther LemCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-5.7K$16.86-$96.13KSELL-3.22%171.3KMar 06View
Mar 03, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-8.723K$15.57-$135.82KSELL-3.74%224.637KMar 01 - Mar 02View
Feb 03, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-4.14K$20.68-$85.61KSELL-1.74%233.36KFeb 01View
Jan 05, 2023Nathan J SchultzCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-25K$25.35-$633.75KSELL-9.52%237.5KJan 03View
Nov 17, 2022Paul LeBlancDIRECTOR-12.89K$28.00-$360.92KSELL-52.08%11.861KNov 15View
Dec 03, 2021Ted SchleinDIRECTOR35.47K$28.54$1.01MBUY15.11%270.207KDec 02View
Dec 01, 2021Daniel RosensweigPRESIDENT, CEO & CO-CHAIRMAN25K$28.52$712.91KBUY1.49%1.701281MDec 01View
Apr 27, 2021Nathan J SchultzPRESIDENT OF LEARNING SERVICES-60K$93.81-$5.63MSELL-21.73%216.154KApr 23 - Apr 26View
Apr 16, 2021John P. FillmorePRESIDENT, CHEGG SKILLS0$49.97-$1.61MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%118.432KApr 13View
Mar 17, 2021Esther LemCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-34.449K$89.34-$3.08MSELL-18.80%148.785KMar 15View
Mar 05, 2021PAUL JOHN FILLMOREPRESIDENT, CHEGG SKILLS-51.505K$90.15-$4.64MSELL-30.31%118.432KMar 03View
Feb 23, 2021DANIEL ROSENSWEIGPRESIDENT, CEO & CO-CHAIRMAN-300K$99.55-$29.87MSELL-15.53%1.631932MFeb 22View
Jan 08, 2021Daniel RosensweigPRESIDENT, CEO & CO-CHAIRMAN-28K$91.14-$2.55MSELL-1.43%1.931932MJan 07View
Dec 22, 2020Nathan J Schultz0$51.35-$6.41MOPTION EXERCISE0.00%226.29KDec 21View
Dec 14, 2020Daniel Rosensweig-28K$81.33-$2.28MSELL-1.41%1.959932MDec 11View
Dec 03, 2020John P. Fillmore-3.92K$77.44-$303.56KTAX-2.89%131.832KDec 01 - Dec 03View
Dec 03, 2020Esther Lem-4.491K$77.52-$348.16KTAX-2.86%152.582KDec 01 - Dec 03View
Nov 23, 2020Robin Tomasello-32.016K$71.45-$2.29MSELL-36.57%55.532KNov 20View
Nov 20, 2020Daniel Rosensweig-52.842K$70.64-$1.98MGIFT-51.97%48.842KNov 09 - Nov 19View
Oct 14, 2020Daniel Rosensweig-28K$82.24-$2.30MSELL-1.35%2.047976MOct 12View
Oct 02, 2020John E York0$40.52-$657.30KOPTION EXERCISE0.00%16.792KOct 01View
Sep 24, 2020Daniel Rosensweig-28K$66.26-$1.86MSELL-1.33%2.075976MSep 22View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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