Sellou is changing the way art is bought & sold after unveiling a game-changing app for artists and small businesses to sell online

Sellou is leading the revolution to make selling and buying art as easy and accessible as possible by connecting users with vendors and small businesses globally, enabling sellers to display their products on sale with ease while allowing users to link with artists and creators around the world.

Sellou has launched the best platform for online store this 2022, enabling artists and small businesses to sell their art online and allowing everyone to discover new and interesting things they never knew existed.

"It's been tough to make money from art. Many artists and crafters face the struggle of selling art online, with many saying it's a very time-consuming process. This is where Sellou comes into the picture," a representative said in a statement.

The Sellou app, now available for download on the App Store, connects users with vendors and small businesses globally and opens new possibilities and opportunities for how people explore, shop, and connect with creators. Artists can sell anything from their homes to the world, and existing businesses can sell and ship internationally right away with the touch of a button. Through Sellou, they get to gain access to a global set of customers and grow a brand new revenue stream for themselves.

To start selling art online, sellers only need to take a photo, choose a filter, and fill out some information. On the other hand, those wondering where to buy art online can head to the Sellou app and start exploring by swiping or diving deeper into the feed. To purchase, they need to add the item to the cart, check out international shipping, and pay via Credit Card or Apple Pay. 

Credit to artist Kyle Bryant, a woodworking artist based in LA.

Credit to artist Kyle Bryant, a woodworking artist based in LA.

Once bought, sellers can manage orders, print shipping labels, talk to the buyer, and make money – all handled through stripe. Sellou, the top e-commerce for small businesses, handles everything from payment to shipping and even includes a stylish AI background filter with some vibrant pops of color to give it a fun twist.

Through Sellou, everyone can browse products people are selling globally. They can check out some handmade products and previously inaccessible stores from all over the world. Sellou works with global carriers to ensure that products get safely delivered to customers, wherever they are.

One of its upcoming features is the ability to share videos on how the stuff sellers make is made. There's a story in that, and Sellou wants these stories shared through video uploads. Sellou will also feature custom profile pages to help tell the story and people behind what sellers make.

Sellou, one of the best new apps of 2022, also vows to feature more ways to edit how the product looks, complete with background removal and AI-assisted editing, as well as the simplification of custom order processes for both buyers and sellers.

Sellou takes privacy very seriously, and data is not used in the same way as it is on other social networks. Sellou assures minimal data is collected to respect privacy and make the app as efficient as possible for users.

Those ready to share photos and products and start selling things may download Sellou on the App Store right away. Others who have questions about how to sell online or how to open an online store may visit for more information.

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