Blue Oak Empire The Biggest Automation Industry Secret

Over the years there have been a multitude of companies wanting to run Amazon automation services. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult as it requires a lot of years of experience and an intimate understanding of the platform to succeed. It’s not as simple as throwing up a bunch of products and hoping for the best. It requires knowledge of when to upload, how to upload, multiple systems doing product research, stock management, teams handling customer service, order processing and more.

This is where Blue Oak Empire stepped into the market. Blue Oak Empire allowed anyone to run an automation service by offering a white label. What is white label? It means while people flash on social media about how clever they are “running an automation service”, the reality is Blue Oak Empire were running the service in the background and letting them claim the glory.

Beneficial for both parties, white label means Blue Oak Empire could focus on running accounts while the white labels took in clients and handled their customer service.Blue Oak Empire has run the service for many of the largest ecommerce services in the world. But now, Blue Oak Empire has decided to step out from behind the curtain.

“We’re not flashing lamborghinis on social media and flogging different services month to month. We have a very corporate background and run the business exactly the same. This isn’t a get rich quick, this is a successful business model that when managed correctly is very profitable for both parties” Says Johnathan, a spokesperson at Blue Oak Empire.

“Our disadvantage before was that we didn’t have an English client acquisition team, but now that we do, we’re taking over” After a discussion with the team they appear to have been very frustrated by the flashy clients who put money first and clients second. “We’re making a lot of people a lot of money. Which is great. The issue is that many of the white labels don’t look after their clients. They have terrible customer service relying on only email and ticket systems. They over sell the dream to get big payments to buy flashing materialist things to entice new clients and that leads clients expectations to become distorted.”

Being at the forefront of the industry Blue Oak Empire have vowed to ensure they’re open and honest with expectations with the business. “There’s a reason we offer a money back guarantee on our service. Anyone that doesn’t offer that, you have to ask… why?”After an hour of conversation he showed us their live chat support system for fast customer interactions. They also showed some large client accounts and they showed us their order processing team. It’s certainly a large team in the financial hub of Hong Kong.

By the end of our discussions I couldn’t help but feel their intentions are to clean up the industry. Cut out the middleman and focus on the core business to ensure maximum client results and satisfaction. From what I’ve seen and the client messages I saw first hand, they’re clearly doing a great job.

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