The Chill Pill is Here to Induce Calm and Bring Sleep to the Anxious and Restless

Only the sufferers know the stress and heavy burden of illnesses like anxiety and insomnia. A new healing device aims to bring a soft touch of solace though. The Chill Pill is a handheld device that emits soothing and relaxing electronic waves. Made in the form of a soft and round pill, the Chill Pill can be taken to bed for a relaxing time, to reduce stress and calm down an anxious mind.

Worldwide, more than 50 million people are not able to relax and feel anxious. This state of mind is not without its consequences and causes other problems such as mood swings, exhaustion, confusion, and more.  

For those looking for a non-intrusive, relaxing, and scientifically based relaxation tool, the Chill Pill is just the product. Easing off muscular tension and aiding in bringing about sleep, the device uses electronic waves (not vibrations) to melt tension and calm down the user. The waves send out a relaxing message to the nerve cells. The CES technology of the device is FDA-approved. The device is made of a silicone shell and ABS-certified grade stainless steel and can be tucked inside the palm. 

With the Chill Pill, there is no frightening proclivity to addiction, no tolerance level, and the long-term use actually supports your mental state into no longer need a sleeping or calming aid of any kind,” said Cheyenne Kingrea of Mend Your Mental. 

Mend Your Mental makes products that are meant to soften the effects of mental illness, and allow the users to discover internal peace, happiness, and more. The company is founded and run by people who deal with debilitating mental issues.  

“We exist to bring the relief we so desperately need ourselves. This mission is personal for us because we are our own consumers! We care as no one else can,” said Cheyenne.  

The Chill Pill aims to cure worldwide insomnia and bring about calm and peace to millions of people suffering from anxiety, stress, and restlessness. Its goal is to continue to uncover all the things that would bring about peace of mind.

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