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Gateway Proven Strategies Announces Acquisition of Leading Cannabis Security Consulting Firm


DENVER, CO, Nov. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- Gateway Proven Strategies ("GPS" or the "Company"), a world-class cannabusiness consulting firm, announced today the acquisition of Colorado-based leading consulting firm Cannabis Security Experts ("CSE"). This marks the first major acquisition for GPS since its inception and is part of the Company's strategic growth strategy to build out the largest consultation and information infrastructure in the cannabis industry. 

CSE, founded by recently announced GPS Chief of Staff Derek Porter, has been consulting operators in the burgeoning nationwide cannabis industry across the areas of compliance, security, and transportation. Security remains a primary operational concern for all operators in the cannabis industry – spanning the full supply chain that includes but is not limited to product storage and tracking, employee safety, the handling of cash transactions, and more. Cannabis businesses of all sizes must not only meet local and state-mandated compliance standards, but have strategies in place that allow them to capture future growth opportunities while keeping safety top of mind. CSE has a proven track record of success in providing its clients with tangible strategies that remain at the forefront of this necessary driver of operations.

"As we continue to build out the world's largest consulting infrastructure for the cannabis industry, security expertise was of the utmost importance," said Charles Feldmann, CEO of Gateway Proven Strategies. "The acquisition of CSE immediately positioned GPS as the leading expert in that area, building upon its current foundation of security operations success. CSE has an excellent reputation for helping businesses of all sizes appropriately implement and efficiently scale a security protocol as their organization grows. This acquisition was pivotal for us and is a key step in cementing GPS as a global leader in cannabis consulting."

GPS looks to leverage the experience of its founders, including cannabis industry icons Bob Hoban and Charles Feldmann, as well as that of its renowned staff to assist cannabis businesses in scaling their operations. Considering the shift in legislative change and general acceptance of cannabis, companies will need to adapt and grow quickly in order to remain competitive. The team at GPS works with clients on strategic consulting plans in all areas of operations, enabling them to stay ahead of trends and build long-term future value. 

"I am humbled by the acquisition of my second major venture in the cannabis space and am truly excited to continue to be a part of its success in my role at GPS," Porter said. "Security has always been my foundational expertise when it comes to the cannabis industry, and I put that experience to work in building CSE. We have built a strong base of business that I believe will only be improved upon through this acquisition. Our clients came to us with a need for consultation in the area of security, but more and more clients needed assistance in other areas of their business. Through GPS, we can now offer our clients a full suite of experience-based consultation in almost all aspects of their businesses. I could not be more optimistic about GPS and the cannabis industry as a whole than I am going in 2021 and beyond."

GPS recently relaunched their website featuring the Company's full-service offering as well as a trove of educational tools designed to assist cannabis entrepreneurs and executives in navigating the cannabis landscape. For more information on GPS, please visit their website at

About Gateway Proven Strategies

Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS) is the natural extension of the global cannabis networks that its founders have created.  Bob Hoban and Charles Feldmann are recognized as global cannabis industry experts.  GPS leverages this depth experience as a broad-based cannabis advisory and investment firm; utilizing and employing a collective network of professionals, businesses, and global government leaders.

In an era when cannabis operations are affected by far more factors than any time in our history, GPS was created to offer advisory services and thinking tools necessary to develop a deeper understanding of the context that is the global cannabis supply chain. Formulating flexible proven strategies and approaches to actual profits.

GPS Founders and related personnel have already built the global cannabis industry; one company at a time.  A sizable global market awaits.  GPS is the professional, reputable guide that will enable newcomers and scalable businesses to navigate the complexities of the global cannabis supply chain, which will provide you with a gateway to this fast-moving international 

About Cannabis Security Experts

Cannabis Security Experts ( Providing Complete Cannabis Security Solutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico with international consulting in European markets. Mission: "We are on a mission to Care for our clients within the Thriving Global Cannabis Industry in the most Secure and Cost-Effective manner possible." Vision: We believe in collaboration, NOT competition. As unapologetic advocates of the cannabis industry, we know we have a fiduciary duty to protect the industry's assets so that the cannabis crop may continue to heal people and become a major component to the global economy. 

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