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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Encourages Construction Companies to Buy Technologically Advanced Crane Indicator Systems to Ensure Construction Safety


The leading distributor of the Rayco Wylie crane system provides top-quality crane safety instrumentation at competitive rates.

Canton, GA, October 02, 2020 --( Construction work is a hazardous job, involving the use of heavy equipment and machinery like cranes. In the wake of increased scrutiny, construction companies have started taking measures to protect workers from hazardous situations, particularly risks involving cranes and statistics show that crane-related workplace fatalities fell to their lowest level recorded in 2017 with 33 deaths.

However, many serious workplace injuries still take place every year with many involving cranes, and around half of them go unreported each year. As lockdown restrictions have been lifted in the US and construction work is starting back, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta encourages construction companies to buy technologically advanced crane indicator systems to ensure construction safety.

With two decades of experience under their belt, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a leading provider of crane safety instrumentation and has been providing sales, support, service, and parts for the Rayco Wylie products since 2001. The company has been steadfast in its commitment to excellence, providing an unparalleled quality of services for decades. Speaking on the importance of crane indicator systems, a representative of the company said, “Cranes have a constant presence on the construction site, and many construction companies take them for granted, which puts workers’ life in jeopardy. A detailed crane safety program is crucial to avoid tragic incidents. Our technologically advanced crane indicator systems are excellent equipment, which facilitates crane operators to handle crane-related operations safely.”

“Employers must never compromise on safety at construction sites,” he continued. “Especially when cranes and heavy machinery are involved in operations. At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, we strive to help construction companies and contractors equip themselves with the latest technology to make their operations as safe as possible.”

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a reputable company that continues to fulfill its responsibilities by providing innovative, top-quality crane indicators to help maximize workers’ safety. Among their catalog of products are anti-two block warning systems, multipurpose indicator systems, load moment indicator systems, and load shackles.

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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a renowned company that specializes in crane safety instruments. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the leading USA distributor of Rayco Wylie products offers a wide range of equipment and tools to help construction companies improve safety at their construction sites.

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