Why Tiktok will Find a Safe Harbor in Moldova

London, UK, Aug. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alexandr Jucov, Moldovan investor and the founder and CEO of World Lab Technologies, Inc plans to acquire the US operations of TikTok social media platform from ByteDance Ltd.

Born in Moldova in 1969, Alexandr Jucov is a first-rate investor and the founder and CEO of World Lab Technologies, Inc, which is engaged in funding research and developing new technologies in the rapidly growing areas of renewable energy, energy storage, sustainable mobility, but also in the field of social media.

After the executive orders which stated that TikTok and WeChat should be banned from the U.S. market due to national security concerns, many companies, World Lab Technologies, Inc included, have shown interest in acquiring the US operations of the social media platform. Sources claim that Microsoft is also among those interested, but World Lab Technologies, Inc to be likely to outbid them.

Jucov and World Lab Technologies, Inc believe that TikTok is one of the most significant social media platforms of the recent years and therefore, has a broad social implact. World Lab Technologies, Inc is ready to ensure the security of user data and move and manage all private user data from American users to secure data centers within the United States. The potential acquisition is in keeping with the Corporation's mission to invest in new technologies with broad social impact that can strengthen sustainable global relationships.

Aleksandr V. Jucov, CEO at World Lab Technologies Inc has stated earlier this month "I aim to transform World Lab into a Powerhouse of Innovation and a Force for Positive Change!"

To achieve that, the company has also showed specific interest to invest in some of the major sports leagues. The CEO Jucov stated that the World Lab Technologies, Inc intends to acquire major stakes in some of the premier sports franchises in Washington DC and the world and will establish a Sports Technology and Management division focused on integrating new technologies and data-based metrics in all aspects of sports to enhance team operations as well as the overall fan experience.

Washington Football Team of the NFL, the Washington Wizards of NBA and A.C. Milan of Italian Premiere league are among the ones considered.

"These initiatives may seem ambitious and perhaps even unrelated, but they form part of my overall Vision that I have spent a lifetime to develop and which will be unveiled step by step. The world in 2020 has been forever changed in a short amount of time. Our Company was founded precisely based on our confidence that we possess the will, the resources and the plan to meet these challenges and ultimately make a positive and profound difference. While my Vision will take time to implement, we are ready right now to execute these first acquisitions."
– Aleksandr Jucov.

Such developments may come as a surprise to many, but World Lab Technologies, Inc's founder and CEO says that 2020 has shown the world how vulnerable it is, and companies as World Lab Technologies, Inc must do everything they can, to ensure that the development in all fields continues. Therefore, World Lab Technologies, Inc will also establish, and fund new technology research and development centres focused on social and regional impact initiatives in the USA and Europe with a particular focus on the economic development of Central and Eastern Europe, the original birthplace of Mr. Aleksandr Jucov.


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