Have a Plan B?: The Coronavirus And The Age Of Uncertainty

Make your future certain with Offshore Protection's personalized offshore financial plan

PANAMA CITY – 14 April, 2020 – Living in an a time of great uncertainty makes future proofing your assets essential. Having a Plan B in place guarantees you will not be left unprepared. Forming an offshore plan is about securing your assets. Today it is easier than ever to establish an offshore company, open a foreign account or make an investment overseas. Offshore Protection provides the tools you need to survive tomorrow.

Financial diversification is to ensure all your eggs are not held in the same basket because if the basket drops, you lose all your eggs. The simple solution is to have more than one basket. Financial diversification strategies spread your eggs across several accounts, in different currencies and overseas countries. Having your assets in a separate banking system provides a measure of security that protects against domestic bank failures, currency fluctuation and economic collapse. This offers the most secure financial solution that minimizes the risks of tomorrow.

An offshore protection plan is about preparation. Forming a holistic strategy that suits the circumstances of the day. There is no single magic pill that works for everyone. Though the illness is the same, each individual is unique and requires a specific prescription that address the particular circumstances and environment. Make sure you seek the right advice to find your treatment.

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Offshore Protection has worked with thousand of clients since 1996 specializing in multi-jurisdictional offshore solutions with law offices in Panama City as well as Belize and Hong Kong. Their offices offer all the services you need to secure your offshore future, including crypto licenses, offshore trusts and foundations, second passports, bank formation, investment accounts as well as business formation structures. Offshore Protection has over 20 years of experience conducting business in over 35 jurisdictions offering tailor-made offshore legal, financial and banking solutions providing an individualized holistic offshore strategy.

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