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(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 02, 2012 ) Champaign-Urbana, IL -- Champaign Illinois Personal Trainer Elite Fitness at (217) 714-3013 offers the C-U area a new level of coaching and training options. Owned and operated by 20 year personal training and coaching veteran Mike Giesler, Elite Fitness Coaching and Training focuses on a highly personalized program that eliminates less effective training so clients can simplify their workouts while rapidly increasing performance.


certified strength and conditioning specialist holding a degree in Kinesiology and Sports Studies, Giesler personally holds multiple titles and records as a NCAA Division 1 Track and Field Decathlete as well as leveraging his programs as a highly successful Division 1 and Big 10 track and field coach specializing in performance and strength training for countless record holders, All-Americans and Olympians.

The Elite Fitness Training and Coaching system makes us completely different from any other training in the area. We have developed our program components using a scientific background that quickly moves clients down the correct path of reaching fitness goals. We provide private one-on-one sessions in the areas of natural strength building, fat loss and injury prevention through a blend of strength, kinesiology and biomechanics training techniques designed to optimize movement and overall performance. explained Coach Giesler.

All clients start with a personal fitness and performance assessment. Giesler takes the extra up-front time to learn about the individuals strength, weaknesses and needs. He also learns about their training history and specific goals. They take clients through a full physical assessment and movement screening, along with beginning photos to assess your posture and movement patterns. During this screening they have clients perform a series of basic movements to precisely determine what their program needs are and the path to success. Once complete, Giesler then creates specialized and accelerated strategic programs for each individual with no-nonsense, measurable goals.

No two clients are the same. Giesler adds. Just as every person requires a specific shoe size, we all require a specific program that focuses on getting the results specific for our body. For customized results, you need a customized plan and program. Studies have shown that Americans are 72% OBESE, not overweight. We focus on the lifestyle techniques that solve the problems, work optimally and do not fail. Far too many personal trainers use blanket approaches with their clients which leads to slow and poor results. We take a customized and scientific one-on-one approach with proven change techniques, help our clients navigate the path to success and then further drive enhancements.

Local group fitness instructor Renee Tucker is just one of Gieslers newest clients that have experienced big change in a short time. Im certified in many types of fitness programs myself and in what I believed to be excellent shape. My workouts were already great for cardio, toning and weight loss but I really wanted to take things to the next level and focus on supplemental aspects of performance I was missing out on. After being in Mikes unique program for a month I saw a huge difference in my overall strength and even a few problem areas I still had with fat are now replaced with muscle. Said Tucker. It doesnt matter if a person is just starting out and wants to lose weight or an advanced athlete, Mike makes change happen fast and makes it stick.

Gieslers fitness training and coaching programs focus on the fundamental aspects of:
Resistance Training: Muscle is the bodys fat burning machine so clients must build and maintain a good fat burning engine.

Appropriate Cardiovascular Training: Only the correct amount of cardiovascular training will work for a specific clients goals. Doing the wrong type, at the wrong level, or at the wrong time can actually lead to working against clients efforts. This system directs client in the correct path to success.

Professional Assistance and Scientific Manipulation: A good, tailored program will work for everyone but NO program works forever. As clients build, they need to make changes. This is where modifications come in and they program those steps to achieve great results.

Nutrition Guidelines: Research repeatedly shows that modifications in nutrition play a huge part of success. They offer nutritional counseling to help build an excellent foundation. This also allows clients to make nutritional changes for goals and build the habits of success.

If you want killer workouts, custom to you and your goals backed by a solid, proven exercise science that will defeat physiological barriers and ensure you never reach a fitness plateau again, contact is for a free, no-obligation consultation. Your body has no choice but to comply and change so with this we also offer a results-based money back guarantee. Says Giesler in closing.

About Elite Fitness Training and Coaching Programs:

Mike Giesler is a career long training coach specializing in helping individuals reach their health and athletic performance goals. For more information on their programs, pricing and a free trial session, visit or call them at (217) 714-3013.

Elite Fitnes Coaching and Training

Mike Giesler

(217) - 714 - 3013

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