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Hunt Valley Dog and Cat Boarding Keeps Pets Safe During Holidays


HUNT VALLEY, Md., Oct. 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hunt Valley Animal Hospital in Hunt Valley, MD is urging pet owners to schedule their holiday pet boarding plans as soon as possible. The animal hospital reports an increase in the demand for dog and cat boarding during the holiday season. Choosing a veterinary hospital for boarding ensures that pets receive care and supervision under a trained team. In the event of a health emergency, a veterinarian can provide life-saving care. The animal hospital offers separate facilities for boarding cats and dogs.

Veterinarian Dr. Allan Frank has a message for pet owners who will be traveling over the upcoming holiday season: make your pet boarding reservation early.

According to Dr. Frank, this holiday season will be busy for Hunt Valley dog and cat boarding. Pet owners are increasingly choosing to board their pets at a veterinary hospital while traveling for work or family vacations.

"With the upcoming holidays and fall or winter breaks, many pet owners will be traveling with their families," said Dr. Frank. "Choosing an animal hospital for pet boarding offers invaluable peace of mind, keeping pets safe and secure."

Dr. Frank says that boarding pets at an animal hospital offers a number of advantages. The other option, to leave pets at home in the care of a neighbor, means that pets will be alone for extended periods.

"Some dogs and cats can become depressed or anxious when left alone for long periods," said Dr. Frank. "They may act out, damaging furniture, barking for hours or attempting to escape. Worse, if a pet experiences a health emergency, it could be hours or even a full day before anyone is able to help."

The veterinary team at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital notes that neighbors may only be able to briefly check on a pet. A health emergency will require immediate care. When boarded at a vet hospital, pets will receive constant attention from boarding professionals. In the event of a emergency, a veterinarian can step in to administer care.

Dogs staying at the Hunt Valley animal vet hospital will receive daily outdoor exercise and play time with other friendly dogs. Cats stay in their own separate facility, away from dogs, where the cats can enjoy a calm, quiet environment.

Dr. Frank is reminding pet owners in Lutherville-Timonium, Cockeysville, Phoenix, Owings Mills and Towson to make their boarding reservations as soon as they confirm holiday travel plans.

"Already in October, we received a large number of boarding reservations for fall breaks and Thanksgiving," said Dr. Frank.

In addition to Hunt Valley dog and cat boarding, the animal hospital provides puppy/kitten care, senior pet care, wellness exams, pet surgery, spay/ neuter, and vaccinations.

Pet owners may learn more about these services or schedule a boarding appointment via the website at Visitors can also go to the hospital's Facebook page for updates.

CONTACT: Hunt Valley Animal Hospital 888-667-5235

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