Preparing For Hurricane Ian? Here's How To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Storm

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  • Pets should be easy to identify and up-to-date on vaccinations.
  • Having emergency supplies for your pet on hand can help create peace-of-mind.
Preparing For Hurricane Ian? Here's How To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Storm

As Hurricane Ian barrels toward western Florida, preparations are underway to secure homes, belongings and businesses.

Evacuation orders have also been issued in several locations across the Sunshine State, affecting about 2 million people.

Whether preparing to weather a storm at home or leaving for safer ground, pet owners have the added responsibility of ensuring their furry family members are safe.

For the millions of Americans who live in Hurricane Ian’s path, or for the tens of millions who live in areas that are regularly or sporadically hit by hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and ice and snow storms, the following advice from Fox35 in Orlando may come in handy.

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Make Sure Your Pet Can Be Easily Identified: In the event a pet owner is separated from their furry companion, the easiest way to ensure your pet makes it back home is if your pet can be easily identified.

Microchips, a small device inserted under a pet’s skin, carry the animal and owner’s details and can be scanned by a veterinarian or animal shelter. Tags secured around a pet’s collar, containing their name and their owner's name, address and phone number can also come in handy for making sure a pet and owner are reunited.

Be Prepared With An Emergency Kit: When a storm shuts down travel or businesses, pet owners should have supplies on hand to make sure their pet is cared for. Having enough food and clean water to last several days will ensure your pet is cared for until services are reopened.

Pet owners who evacuate from their homes will want to make sure they have extra supplies available such as collars and leashes and a crate to keep their pet safe while on the move.

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Keep Vaccinations Up-To-Date: Making sure a pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date will protect your furry friend from illness. In the event of an emergency disaster, the likelihood that your pet will come into contact with harmful bacteria and viruses increases. If a pet is separated from its owner during a storm, it could also be more likely to come into contact with wild unvaccinated animals.

An easy way to make sure a pet is always up-to-date on their vaccines and has access to medications and emergency vet services is by purchasing pet insurance.

Lemonade, Inc LMND offers award-winning pet insurance that is superfast to sign up for and has lightning-fast claims payments. Lemonade’s digital pet insurance platform is America’s top-rated insurance for cats and dogs, covering everything your pet needs and offering huge savings on routine care such as dental cleaning and parasite tests.

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