STMicroelectronics Taps Synopsys' AI Chips For Cloud Scaling

STMicroelectronics Taps Synopsys' AI Chips For Cloud Scaling
  • Synopsys, Inc SNPS reached scale for AI-driven chip designs as major semiconductor customers registered the first 100 commercial tape-outs with the company's autonomous design system
  • Synopsys' recent customers, including STMicroelectronics NV STM and SK Hynix Inc HXSCL, saw significant productivity and a PPA uplift.
  • The companies charted a new design course using reinforcement learning-enabled design tools on the cloud and on-premise.
  • STMicroelectronics taped-out using Synopsys coupled with Synopsys Fusion Compiler and Synopsys IC Compiler II physical implementation tools.
  • "Using the Synopsys design system on Microsoft Corp MSFT Azure, we increased PPA exploration productivity by more than 3x, allowing us fast implementation of a new Arm core while exceeding power, performance and area goals," said Philippe d'Audigier, system-on-chip hardware design director at STMicroelectronics. 
  • Junhyun Chun, head of SoC (System on Chip) at SK Hynix, said, "Synopsys brings a huge amount of design team efficiency, giving our engineers more time to create differentiated features for our next generation of products. It's also driving fantastic results as demonstrated in a recent project where delivered a 15% cell area reduction and a 5% die shrink."
  • Jean Boufarhat, corporate vice president of engineering, Azure said, "With AI-powered chip design on Azure, companies can leverage cloud-scaling to boost productivity and optimize very large solution spaces like high-performance computing."
  • Price Action: STM shares trade lower by 1.05% at $49.00 premarket on the last check Wednesday.

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