Musk Explains How Politics Played Into Tesla's Move To Texas, Blames California Gerrymandering

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  • Gigafactory Texas was built in 18 months, a much shorter time than it would have taken in California, Musk says.
  • California is gerrymandered to ensure Democrats win, Musk says. California's State Senate has nine Republicans and 31 Democrats.

In late 2021, Tesla Inc. TSLA moved its corporate headquarters to Texas, where the company was building a so-called gigafactory, or factories that produce electric batteries on a massive scale.

CEO Elon Musk recently explained why he thought moving to the Lone Star State was the right thing to do.

What Happened: Gigafactory Texas was built in 18 months, which is the same amount of time it would have taken to get licenses before building a factory in California, the company’s previous corporate headquarters, Musk explained.

“I love working in California, but you can’t get stuff done,” Musk told Tesla Silicon Valley Club, citing the likelihood of lawsuits as you “get sued a lot” in California.

Speaking on California politically, Musk would prefer more balance.

“Otherwise you have a one-party state," he said. "California is gerrymandered to ensure Democratic outcome.”

California's State Senate is currently made up of nine Republicans and 31 Democrats.

Musk also called for more open primaries to prevent special interest groups from having a large influence on elections.

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Why It’s Important: Musk reiterated Tesla’s mission to further the development of sustainability.

“It matters if we get it done now or in two years,” Musk said.

Price Action: Tesla shares are down 4% to $668.49 on Thursday.


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