Apple's Latest iPhone Ad Beefs Up Its Privacy Savior Image...Yet Again

Apple, Inc. AAPL, which credits itself for upholding the highest privacy standards with its devices, has released yet another commercial centered on the hot-button issue. 

What Happened:  The 94-second ad "Privacy on iPhone" depicts an auctioneer hawking the privacy data of a user, including her emails, drugstore purchases, location data, contacts, and browsing data. Participants feverishly bid for each of these "items" — an apparent nod to how marketeers and advertisers bid for user data.

When the auctioneer builds up a frenzy for a much-awaited item, the user activates on her iPhone, "App Tracking Transparency" and "Protect Mail activity."

While the App Tracking feature requires user authorization to access app-related data, the mail protection feature will hide her IP address and privately load all remote content. It works with the preloaded Mail app available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

"It's your data. iPhone helps keep it that way," the ad says, as data hawkers and bidders disappear into a puff of smoke.

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Previous Ad: Apple's May 2021 commercial showed how trackers intrude into a user's personal space without permission and how the hapless user is reduced to a mere spectator.

Why It's Important:  Apple's privacy focus is one of its key selling points. It has also helped to bring in ad revenues, as its new privacy rules make it more difficult to serve out targeted ads through third-party networks owned by Alphabet, Inc. GOOGL GOOG or Meta Platforms, Inc. FB.

Apple recently augmented its privacy features through options such as "Intelligent Tracking Prevention" in Safari and "Location Services" privacy controls. 

Google this week released a video named "Protected by Android," delving into how the operating system keeps user information safe.

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