The Jacket Steve Jobs Wore While Giving Middle Finger To IBM Logo Can Be Bought For $7.50 A Share

The Jacket Steve Jobs Wore While Giving Middle Finger To IBM Logo Can Be Bought For $7.50 A Share

Over the years, a rivalry between Apple Inc AAPL and International Business Machines IBM blossomed in the computer industry. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs took on IBM and was even featured in an iconic photo flipping off the IBM logo.

What Happened: In 1981, IBM announced it was entering the personal computer market. The move was seen as competition for Apple and led to Jobs wanting to beat the company to maintain its market.

A tear down of the first IBM computer revealed a “half-assed hackneyed attempt,” according to Jobs. The rivalry between the two companies led to Jobs trolling IBM on several occasions, as mentioned by Rally Rd Content Lead Will Stern.

Jobs famously took out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal in August 1981, which said “Welcome IBM. Seriously.”

“Over the next few years, Jobs refused to let up. By 1984, he’d gone full tilt – comparing the battle to a battle of almost biblical proportions,” Stern said.

Jobs said if Apple couldn’t beat IBM, nobody could.

In 1983 a company trip to New York led to Jobs being photographed outside the IBM building wearing a leather jacket and flipping off the IBM logo. The photo was shared by former Apple team member Andy Hertzfeld after Jobs’ death.

“In memoriam for Steve Jobs as 2011 draws to a close, here’s one more rare photo that illustrates his rebellious spirit,” Hertzfeld said of the photo.

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Own the Jobs Jacket: Rally Rd, a fractional investing platform, is launching the famous leather jacket from Steve Jobs as an asset beginning Tuesday Nov. 30 at 12 p.m. EST.

“#83JOBS is the bomber jacket worn by Jobs from that same picture as he waved his middle finger outside the IBM building,” according to Rally Rd.

Rally Rd will offer 10,000 shares of the jacket at $7.50 each, valuing the asset at $75,000. This marks the first clothing item offered by Rally.

The fractional investing website offers ownership stakes in trading cards, video games, NFTs, sports memorabilia, wine, automotive, first edition books and more. The jacket is from Wilkes Bashford and listed as dark brown in color. The leather jacket was worn by Jobs and contains a certificate of authenticity.

Apple Assets: The leather jacket belonging to Jobs follows Rally Rd offering several Apple and Jobs related assets for investors and collectors on the platform.

Among the assets on Rally Rd are an Apple I Computer from 1976, valued at $825,000, an Apple Lisa Computer from 1983 valued at $55,000, and a 2001 sealed IPOD 1st Generation valued at $55,000.

A 1986 Macintosh computer signed by Jobs and members of the Mac team is valued at $200,000 on Rally Rd and has increased in valued by 300% since the asset was offered to investors.

Rally Rd also lists as coming soon assets a 2009 IPAD prototype with a value of $13,000 and a copy of “MacWorld” issue #1 (January 1984) signed by Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak valued at $225,000.

“For me personally, they’re really important assets,” Rally co-founder Rob Petrozzo previously told Benzinga of the Apple related offerings from Rally.

Petrozzo cited the dynamics of rarity and collectability for Apple assets. Rally looks at them as a “true collectible asset.”

“In many instances, these assets stayed under the radar as collectibles until recently and a lot of tech enthusiasts held on to the earliest examples without even realizing the value would rise so dramatically.”

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