Apple Manager Who Complained To Labor Relations Board Allegedly Fired For Disclosing Confidential Product-Related Information

An Apple Inc AAPL employee who complained against the tech giant to the U.S. National Labor Relations Board last month said she was fired for violating company policies including disclosing confidential product-related information.

What Happened: Ashley Gjovik, whose job title at the Tim Cook-led company was Senior Engineering Program Manager, said on Twitter that she never “dreamt that [Apple] would fire me for advocating for employee rights and labor conditions.” She said she felt “betrayed.”

Two cases were filed with the NLRB on Aug. 26 and Sept. 1 on behalf of Gjovik, with the latter case being filed by Cher Scarlett, the organizer of the “#AppleToo” movement, as per a Bloomberg report.

Why It Matters: Gjovik had in the past voiced concerns about pollution in her office, which she claimed made it a dangerous place to work. She alleged that she was retaliated against for bringing up the concerns, noted Bloomberg.

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Gjovik has also reportedly filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Californian labor commissioner’s office, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as per documents seen by Bloomberg.

Earlier in August, Gjovik said she was placed on indefinite administrative leave after raising sexism concerns. 

A previous sexual discrimination investigation by Apple was closed by the iPhone maker’s employee relations team after they found nothing wrong.

Late August, Apple reportedly said employees can no longer use a channel dedicated to pay equity on Slack, a messaging software used commonly in workplaces made by, Inc CRM

The growing discord between Apple and its workforce has led to the emergence of the Scarlett-organized #AppleToo movement which alleged employees at the tech giant face “isolation, degradation, and gaslighting.”

Price Action: On Thursday, Apple shares closed nearly 0.7% lower at $154.07 in the regular session and fell 0.13% in after-hours trading.

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