Latest MSCHF Video Stunt Encourages TikTok Users To Trash Musk, Amazon And More

A new campaign from MSCHF takes on Elon Musk, among others, with a parody song that it hopes will show Tesla Inc TSLA ignoring safe health practices and practicing in union-busting.

What To Know: Stunt marketing company MSCHF is out with a new campaign that will pay users if they spread a parody song.

This marks the 31st “drop” from MSCHF. The latest drop is called “Anti Advertising Advertising Club.”

The goal is to spread messages about brands MSCHF claims are “doing bad things.” The company’s website tells TikTok users “Kill Brands, Get Paid.”

The company believes Tesla participated in “employee health negligence and union busting.”

The Parody Song: MSCHF will pay TikTok users $1,000 if they can spread the Tesla message to 500,000 people. The song can be heard here.

Earlier this year, Musk pushed to reopen the Fremont factory against government orders, which is highlighted in the song.

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Other Companies Targeted: The campaign from MSCHF targets other companies it believes are doing bad things.

"[It]ts employees are reluctant to call it a company at all. They refer to MSCHF, which was founded in 2016, as a 'brand,' 'group' or 'collective,' and their creations, which appear online every two weeks, as 'drops,'" according to the New York Times. "Many of those drops are viral pranks."

On the list are TikTok for content suppression,, Inc. AMZN for human rights issues/union-busting; NFL for player safety; and Facebook Inc FB for hate speech and fake news.

A $10,000 amount is offered to spread information on the opioid crisis targeting Purdue Pharma.

There is also a campaign around Comcast CMCSA for “just sucking.”

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