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When You Get Out Of Quarantine, What Will Be The First Thing You Eat?

When You Get Out Of Quarantine, What Will Be The First Thing You Eat?

Being stuck at home for an extended period of time certainly has its sets of challenges. Fortunately, being a foodie eliminates one of them: my family is well-fed.

But the one thing I miss the most is dining out at Texas Roadhouse Inc (NASDAQ: TXRH). Sure, it's far from the best steak money can buy and well short of the Snake River Farms Wagyu steak I made for New Year's. 

But there is something special about Texas Roadhouse. The atmosphere of spontaneous line dancing, the family-friendly environment, the rolls, the attentive service and consistency of orders makes it my favorite casual restaurant joint.

Texas Roadhouse was the first restaurant where my daughter ordered her own meal from the children's menu instead of eating a few bites from our plates. She loves the chicken tenders almost as much as my wife loves the chicken.

But for me, I want the king of steaks — a porterhouse. The bigger the better: I'll take home some leftovers if need be. The steak has to be prepared rare with an add-on of mushrooms and onions. A steak isn't complete without a side of steak fries (duh). And it's a game time decision if I want a caesar salad with extra dressing, or go a bit healthier with a plain baked potato or veggies.

What My Family Wants

My mother wants nothing more than a stack of pancakes from Dine Brands Global Inc's (NYSE: DIN) IHOP with whipped cream. My father is unlikely to complain about eating a stack of pancakes, although much like me, he would prefer a big steak with all the trimmings.

I've had the IHOP sirloin tips and eggs and they aren't bad. But it comes with a side of pancakes, so the rest of the day needs to be a write-off. Fine by me!

My sister's top priority isn't so much going out to eat, but rather a soak in a hot tub and a massage at a spa. Just the right treatment needed before all-you-can-eat sushi with her husband and two boys.

What The Benzinga Crew Wants

Benzinga Managing Editor Jason Shubnell wants a large pizza from Buddy's. He says Buddy's is one of the best pizza joints in the country — a claim many from New York or Chicago or would like to dispute. But once the quarantine comes to an end, does it really matter?

News guru Brent Slava knows exactly what he wants and showed no hesitation in saying it: a double Smoke Shack from Shake Shack Inc (NYSE: SHAK). 

Darwin Smith, one of Benzinga's developers, wants to sit down at any restaurant without having to think too much. But if asked to pick, he wants to wait in line at Mr. Kabob's near Benzinga HQ.

Writer Tanzeel Akhtar wants sushi from her favorite restaurant across the pond in London, England. No time will be wasted browsing the menu: she wants six pieces of sashimi, six pieces of nigiri and a couple maki rolls. And don't forget the bottle of Asahi.

Writer Henry Khederian wants nothing more than to eat at Mia Bella in Cleveland's Little Italy. The restaurant serves up homemade food, including a fantastic margherita pizza, colorful ravioli, and as one would expect at an Italian joint, tiramisu to finish the night.

Andrew Lebbos, a Benzinga business developer, says the obvious: going out to eat isn't about the food. Although dining at Honest John's in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood for brunch might make the occasion even more special. And after brunch, a drink at the back of a dive bar with people you love is the perfect end to a meal.

Photo courtesy of Shake Shack. 


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