Synchrony Financial Says Suspicious Emails To Amazon Credit Card Holders Sent In Error

Synchrony Financial SYF is investigating an unintended email sent Monday to customers about a legitimate credit partnership with, Inc. AMZN.

“We are aware of an unplanned customer notification that is affecting some consumers and are investigating the issue. We apologize for any confusion and concerns this may have caused. You do not need to take any further action at this time,” Synchrony said in a tweet.

The message informed some clients that trial funds had been deposited into their Amazon Credit Builder accounts. The bank confirmed it was the source of the email and dismissed fears of a phishing scheme or hack.

“Synchrony distributed a notification via email or text message in error to some consumers,” the bank said on its website. “The email did not include any customer data or personal information.”

The message was not a one-off correspondence. Some users received a series: the original deposit email titled “A Trial Deposit Has Been Successfully Made to Your AMAZON CREDITBUILDER,” a repeat of the first and a third email demanding action on the consumer’s application.

The messages came from a Synchrony Bank address,, and contained no dangerous links.

Some of the email recipients said they did not have accounts with any of the involved operations, but Synchrony Bank operates credit cards for businesses like Sam’s Club, so customers may unknowingly use Synchrony-issued cards.

Amazon shares were trading 0.91% higher at $1,790 at the time of publication Tuesday, while Synchrony shares were down 0.38% at $37.19. 

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