Here's What You Need To Know Ahead Of Google's Hardware Event Tomorrow

Alphabet Inc GOOG's Google unit is a lot more than just a search engine. Its status as a hardware maker will be in full display on Tuesday when it will host a presentation focusing on its lineup of various hardware products.

As noted by Recode, Tuesday's event will introduce new products to its hardware portfolio and marks its first product launch under Rick Osterloh, the ex-Motorola president who rejoined Google this year to spearhead Google's hardware efforts.

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According to Recode, the "most strategically important product" that will be shown is Google Home, an Amazon Echo competitor. Google has likely been paying close attention to Amazon's Echo sales and wants to take some of that away.

Here is a list of other hardware products and what Recode is expecting.

1. Pixel phones: A phone which is similar to past Nexus devices with the Google brand will likely be detailed. HTC is rumored to be the hardware maker and will feature expected features of a high-end Android phone including fingerprint readers, high-resolution displays and more.

2. Chromecast: The video-streaming stick will likely feature 4K-quality video support and may take on a new name with a higher price tag - Chromecast Ultra.

3. Daydream VR: Google's virtual reality headset is expected to be released for the Halloween season and stems from Google's desire to turn smartphones into VR devices.

4. Wi-Fi routers: Google is likely developing a new networking device that creates a "mesh network to better spread internet connectivity throughout the home."

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