Get Your Greens: Farm-To-Table Marijuana

In the U.S., there has been a recent push among consumers for all natural, locally grown, healthy foods and beverages. The trend has boosted small businesses and forced name-brands to change up their marketing tactics, but now that idea of fresh, local produce is making its way into the cannabis industry.

Direct Connection

The The Green Exchange, Inc. is a California-based company that offers medical marijuana patients the ability to connect directly with growers so that they can receive the freshest supply of cannabis possible. The company has developed a mobile app called "Loud Cannabis" in order to facilitate interaction between patients and growers.

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Delivery Options

The app provides users with information regarding a particular farmer's current crop and even allows them to order marijuana to their door. The company says its app stands out from other similar offerings like Eaze and Meadow because its service doesn't connect users to only a few dispensaries with which it has a relationship.

Benefitting The Cannabis Community

Dispensaries can also use the app to make connections with local farmers and get a better idea of their inventory. Delivery agents are also able to sign up in order to be hired by the dispensaries to fill patient orders. The company says its app will give interested dispensaries valuable reach across the state by putting their products in-front of interested, qualified patients.

Image Credit: Public Domain
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