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5 Apps Every World Cup Fan Should Have

5 Apps Every World Cup Fan Should Have

World Cup fever is at an all-time high this year.

From to national TV ads, websites and everything in between, virtually no one will be able to escape the hype surrounding the world's largest sporting event.

Diehard football fans (or "soccer fans," for those of you who are in America) can't get enough of the games, so they've likely downloaded at least one related app.

But there are several to sift through, and studies show that consumers are easily turned off by bad apps.

Before wasting your time with another lame download, peruse this slideshow to see which World Cup-related apps are worth investigating.

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, Louis Bedigian had no position in the equities mentioned in this slideshow.

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  • The Official FIFA Apps

    The Official FIFA Apps offers three different apps:

    1) The FIFA app features live scoring updates, headlines, photos, videos, rankings and more.

    2) If you like online stickers, you'll love the Panini Online Sticker App. This app is essentially used to transport and trade stickers from your FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Panini Online Sticker Album.

    3) Last but not least there's the FIFA Weekly magazine app, the digital version of its publication.

    All three of these apps are free.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Jalvasco World Cup 2014

    Jalvasco World Cup 2014

    If the official FIFA apps aren't enough, Jalvasco has released a new app that is dedicated to this year's World Cup.

    The app allows users to "quickly access the most needed data by defining contents of tabs."

    Some of the features include full data customization (track selected teams, groups, matches, and conferences), match details and an offline mode.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • TuneIn


    The TuneIn app allows users to listen a wide variety of stations from around the world -- including those covering the World Cup.

    This app taps into local broadcasts, allowing World Cup fans to enjoy the game, regardless of their current location.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • WatchESPN


    Pay-TV subscribers will want to take advantage of the WatchESPN app for Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox One and other devices.

    The app allows authorized viewers (determined by your pay-TV provider and/or Internet service provider) to view live streams of major sporting events.

    More than 400,000 individuals have already used the app to watch the World Cup.

    For those without a pay-TV subscription, ESPN also offers a free app with news and video highlights.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • The $1 Million 'Yo' App

    The $1 Million 'Yo' App

    Yo was created after a developer received $1 million to develop a single-button app that could be used by Mobli CEO Moshe Hogeg to call his assistant.

    The result is an app that only performs one task -- it sends messages with a single word: "yo."

    According to CNET, Yo can be somewhat useful to World Cup fans.

    Users will receive a "yo" every time a goal is scored during one of the games. Users can activate this feature by sending a "yo" to the user name "worldcup."

    Yo may have been made with $1 million in financial backing, but the app itself is free.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
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