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Papa John's Delivery Guy Rats Out Paying Customer


Well, I'll never eat at Papa John's (NASDAQ: PZZA) again. Not after what one of their drivers did to a Colorado man who called to get a couple slices of the good life.

Frederick Smith of Aurora, Colorado, ordered a pizza last week from Papa John's. When the delivery driver arrived, he believed he smelled marijuana and called the police. The police then searched Smith's home.

Before you get up in arms with the usual "drugs are bad" nonsense, keep in mind one point: Smith is a registered medical marijuana user. He has as much a medical right to smoke marijuana as I do to partake in the substances my doctors give me to keep my ailments at bay.

Papa John's, apparently eager to lose my $20 a week business, stands by its busybody employee. And just like that, I will never, ever buy another product from Papa John's, ever again. I guess everyone has a price and everyone draws a line, and they just crossed mine.

Of course, like all things involving marijuana and pizza, this story has a happy ending.

According to the marijuana legalization website The 420 Times, one of Papa John's rivals stepped up and did the right thing for Smith.

The company, Denver-based Sexy Pizza, said Thursday it would give Smith one free pizza, every month, until Colorado voters go to the polls in 2012. At that time, Colorado voters will vote on a proposed ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana for recreational use.

If the initiative passes, the impressively named Sexy Pizza says it will extend Smith's offer for the rest of his life. As for Papa John's and the narcs they employ? They can stick some pepperoni in their pipe and smoke it.

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