Google Launches ITA Software-Powered Flight Search

Google adds yet another killer feature to its one-stop search engine.
It has been roughly five months since Google
ITA Software
, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company that specializes in organizing airline data. Since that time, there has been
a lot of speculation
involving how Google may use ITA Software to its advantage. Of course, the company practically
laid out its plans
last May, but that didn't stop the rumors from flying. Today, with the
launch of Flight Search
, we now know what ITA means to Google.
As the video explains, Web surfers can type their desired flight plan – ex: “flights from San Francisco to Minneapolis” – right into the Google search engine. Click the “Flights” link on the left to launch the results page, where you'll see a huge list of flight options. While this is nothing new to travelers, the clean interface is refreshing and the map is visually appealing. You can apply filters (to see only non-stop flights, for example), but the most interesting feature is the ability to see how prices change for flights throughout the day and throughout the week. Travelers without a specific destination in mind can enter their city and view a map full of destinations and flight prices:
You can get even more specific by entering the amount of money you wish to spend (ex: less than $300) and the amount of time you wish to fly (ex: less than three hours). Google Flight Search will instantly calculate your options. Via:
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