Best E*TRADE Penny Stocks

If you’re an E*TRADE client, you have access to a wide range of listed and delisted penny stocks. Benzinga can also help you keep an eye on premarket movers. Here are 5 companies to keep on your radar this year.

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May 31, 2023


Amyris Inc is an industrial biotechnology company. It is engaged in the engineering, manufacturing, and sales of products in a variety of consumer and industrial markets, including cosmetics, flavors and fragrances, solvents and cleaners, polymers, lubricants, healthcare products, and fuels. The business operations are spread across the world with the majority of the revenues generated in the United States. The company generates revenue from the sale of renewable products, licenses of and royalties from intellectual property, and grants, and collaborative research and development services.

Vol / Avg.- / -Mkt Cap-
Day Range- - -52 Wk Range- - -

McEwen Mining (NYSE:MUX)

McEwen Mining Inc is a mining and minerals production and exploration company focused on precious and base minerals in Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. The company’s overall revenue is principally derived from the production of gold and silver, each comprising roughly half of total sales. The company owns and operates the wholly-owned El Gallo 1 mine in Mexico, and has a minority shareholding in the company that operates the San Jose mine in Argentina. More than half the company’s gold output is produced by the El Gallo 1 mine. The remaining gold production, and majority of silver production, is produced by the San Jose mine.

Last update: 7:00PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Vol / Avg.306.597K / 495.989KMkt Cap350.965M
Day Range7.330 - 7.60052 Wk Range5.020 - 10.000


Uni-Pixel develops engineered films and lighting solutions, providing touch screen sensors, printed circuitry, protective hard coat resin, anti-glare, and finger-print resistant film technology. Plus, the firm develops liquid crystal display, and display backlighting systems. Uni-Pixel conducts business worldwide. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, the firm was founded in 1998.

Vol / Avg.- / -Mkt Cap-
Day Range- - -52 Wk Range- - -

Integrated Media Tech (NASDAQ:IMTE)

Integrated Media Technology is a Hong Kong-based gaming and multimedia company focused on 3D applications. The company develops and markets 3D autostereoscopic display technology such as video walls, digital signs, mobile phones and PC monitors, as well as 2D to 3D conversion equipment.

IMTE has an exceptionally low float with 1.33 million shares and has actually turned a small profit for 4 consecutive years. Volume is currently lower than average, but keep an eye on this as any positive news could send volatility its way.

Last update: 4:02AM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Vol / Avg.5.740K / 25.574KMkt Cap6.097M
Day Range2.980 - 3.15052 Wk Range1.020 - 8.997

Genetic Technologies (NASDAQ:GENE)

Genetic Technologies Ltd is an Australia-based molecular diagnostics company that offers predictive testing and assessment tools to help physicians proactively manage women’s health. The company has developed BREVAGenplus which is a clinically validated risk assessment test for non-hereditary breast cancer. It also provides genetic testing services including medical testing, animal testing, forensic testing, and plant testing. The company markets BREVAGenplus to healthcare professionals in breast health care and imaging centers, as well as to obstetricians/ gynecologists (OBGYNs) and breast cancer risk assessment specialists. The majority of the company’s revenue is generated from Australia and the United States.

Last update: 4:17PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Vol / Avg.65.989K / 115.691KMkt Cap11.734M
Day Range0.590 - 0.62552 Wk Range0.560 - 2.400

Penny stocks can be attractive trading options due to their endless volatility. Penny stock traders whose time moves perfectly can wind up doubling or tripling their money in a matter of minutes. But these stocks are not investments. Penny stocks are cheap for a reason, and most companies with cheap stock prices are in some kind of trouble. It's important to know about the best E*Trade Penny Stocks.

Penny stocks are for traders, not investors. Most investors consider penny stock trading to be nothing more than gambling. Information about these companies is often difficult to find or even opaque—as opposed to the transparency you find with bigger and more successful. The companies can be plagued by debt woes, cash flow constraints, lawsuits or simply bad management. 

If you’re ready to gamble with the rampant volatility and sudden moves of penny stocks, take a look at E*TRADE as 1 of the best brokers to consider. 

Quick Look at the Best E*Trade Penny Stocks:

Overview: E*TRADE Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can be defined in several ways. To some investors, penny stocks are the ‘pink sheets’ or microcap stocks that trade over the counter away from the major exchanges. These stocks not only trade for pennies but sometimes for fractions of a penny. 

Some traders with large followings also buy up shares and promote the stock to followers. The followers then jump into the stock, bid the price up quickly, and allow the initial trader to dump shares for massive gains. Once the euphoria fades, the stock quickly crashes back down and the followers are left holding the bag.

Penny stocks can also refer to downtrodden stocks that trade for less than $5, but are still listed on major exchanges. The definition of a penny stock tends to shift based on what you’re looking at or the trader you’re speaking with. Since more information is publicly available about these types of penny stocks, these are the stocks we will review. These stocks aren’t as risky as the fraud-riddled pink sheets, but they will have problems of some kind.

E*TRADE is 1 of the few major brokers to open its doors to penny stock trading, and clients can access a number of different shares from their accounts. Stocks listed on major exchanges with share prices over $1 trade commission-free on E*TRADE, but pink sheets and over-the-counter stocks will cost $6.95 per trade. You can use E*TRADE screeners to filter for stocks under $20, stocks under $10 or stocks under $5 — penny stocks.

Features to Look for in E*TRADE Penny Stocks

  1. Low float. The float refers to the amount shares available for purchase on the open market. The higher the float, the more abundant shares are for investors to purchase. Low-float stocks are often the most volatile since it doesn’t take much volume to create massive volatility when very few shares are available. Penny stock traders look for volatility and low-float stocks can gyrate wildly.
  1. Exchange listing. Stocks listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges are subject to rules and regulations that pink sheet stocks are not. When looking for penny stocks to buy, check to make sure the company is listed (or at least has a share price close to $1). When a stock dips below $1, it becomes in danger of being delisted.
  1. Profit or product. Remember, these companies trade down here for a reason. A successful penny stock doesn’t need to have a history of positive earnings per share (EPS) or earnings beats, but it does need a catalyst or path to success. 

Take a Look at E*TRADE Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are often low-float securities issued by companies with severe underlying issues. But penny stocks aren’t meant for long-term investment. Penny stocks are speculative vehicles for trading strategies like swing trading, scalping or momentum.

If you can stomach the volatility, you might be able to squeeze massive returns from penny stocks. Just be sure to know the risks before sinking any money into your E*TRADE account.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you trade penny stocks on E*Trade?


E*Trade is one of the few brokers who allow traders to trade penny stocks.


Are penny stocks risky?


Penny stocks are considered risky, and traders generally buy and sell them the same day.


What are the best E*Trade penny stocks?


Check out Benzinga’s list above of the best E*Trade penny stocks.